Young boys are hot

i really need responses from female (older women ).I am a woman of age 39(turning 40 next month) and i have a sexual issue that i want to get off
.i am very attracted to young boys(puberty age to mid teens(age range of around 11/12 to 14/15).they drive me crazy because they
turn me on so much...especially the good looking ones.although i really like the mid teens a lot
its the younger ones that really drive me nuts,those that are in the cusp of puberty like 11,12,13 when they
start producing sperm...:)Dont get me wrong i like adult men too because my husband is a wonderful 42 yr
old but i do see young boys as my ultimate 'fobidden fruit' ofcourse in my fantasies only .i don't
have the guts to try and do anything with any young boy because of fear of getting into trouble.
but if the laws of this stupid country was different i don't know what i would do.funny thing is about
a year ago i decided to tell my husband about this secret desire of mine and while telling him i
was really nervous that he would think i m aa sick person but instead to my surprise he was so turned
on.he wanted every detail and told me that a guy friend at his work place told him that hes wife
confessesed to him(guy friend )that she is attracted to adolescent boys so my hubby's friend asked
him if this is normal.theres no reason for hes friend to lie about something like this.i was sooo
relieved to know that i am alone?

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  • I know a boy 14 he's gorgeous

  • I am 23 years Chinese girl. I always liked young boys from Europe. I mean 13-16.

  • Damn I'm 14 I really hope I might find a woman like that :(

  • My wife is the same, you can e-mail me

  • Nice.if u r fatty. Guys will like u. I did too

  • OP here ..would like to hear from more women

  • What's your email. I'm 16 and I have a big obsession with older women. I'd love to show you a good time. ;)

  • That's so f****** hot.i bet yall go crazy with that d***

  • Ain't nothing wrong with you girl, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes young boys to but I'm scared to do anything with one, wish they would get rid of stupid consent laws I don't think they do any good any.

  • Original Poster here.A question here

    1.Do you like the puberty aged ones like around 12 yrss? Reason i am asking is women more easily admit liking mid teens but they don't admit liking boys around the age of 11/12

    2.Whats your age?

  • I meant '2 questions here'...:)

  • I wish a woman like you would have a go with me

  • Aunt can i talk with u my email is

  • Get a neighborhood boy to mow the lawn or do odd jobs. Start flashing him or wear skimpy clothes & get close to him whenever you can. Let him touch you accidendtly while helping you put a large box up on a shelf or something like that. If he's around 13-14 and normal, he will be receptive to being with you. I know I wouldn't run home to mama if I was seduced at that age.

  • You are a pedophile and your post has been reported to the authorities.

  • Ahh leave the old girl alone, she has the right to her confession and to express her desires, I know when I was a boy of 9+ years I always wished and had fantasies that older women like teachers, baby sitters and the neighbor kids moms would some how like me enough to seduce me for s**.... I grew up thinking I was a bad, perverted kid because that's what society had put in my head but now a days at 53 I've came to realize 20 years ago that I wasn't bad, perverted or wrong for having those feeling and desires at such a young age, or at any age for that matter!

    The fact is that the people who speak out against children expressing normal, natural sexuality(as well as their desire for s** with adults), age gap relationships and pedophiles(male and female)are the ones who are twisted and wrong in their way of thinking, because you can't pervert mother nature by repressing or trying to stop what comes naturally by all humans doing so you disrupt and pervert the true order and essence of human sexuality which only opens up a can of worms in the end.

    It your way of thinking and other like minded people that destroys the world....

  • My wife also likes the young ones, I write stories about her fantasies
    with them which she masturbates to and has explosive o******

  • I am a woman in my 40s I have also had these feelings for a long time. Fortunately I am fairly attractive and single so often pick up boys much younger than me for s** and have even travelled as a s** tourist a number of times to satiate this l***.

  • You like young boys aswell? Well if you are willing to meet up tem your email I'll give you a great time ;3 I'm 16

  • I am the original poster.What aged boys do you like ?I am basically asking women if they like puberty aged boys like 12/13 cos are best

  • I am 17and have drove 3 older woman (like your wonderful self) crazy in bed

  • I am an adult guy now, at my 13/14 years old i have had an experience with a woman as your age now, it was the best pleasure for both, so i know how you feel.

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