I just want to confess that Evolution

I just want to confess that Evolution is a bunch of BS. My teacher should be shot for teaching us this load of crap. The earth is billions of years old, and we evolved from apes. Please. There's not one bit of scientific evidence that contridicts the Bible and all new archeological findings are supporting Bible scripture. I'm not saying you have to become a christian or anything but it's completely and utterly obvious to me that all evolutionist are a bunch of predicated liars spreading a bunch of nonsense that has no proof what so ever. I mean there are 6 Billion people on this earth and not one skeleton of the missing link. And besides if there are still apes then there should still be living creatures in the middle of the evolution process. I could go on for days but I just wanted let all evolutionist know that evolution is a bunch of bs

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  • Poe. Evolution is a fact, and this person is a Poe. There's no way that this is a real fundie.

    If you're actually interested in the science behind evolution, why micro-evolution has been proven and macro-evolution is likely, and why abiogenesis is the most likely naturalistic answer to how life formed on this planet (at least much more likely than 'the skyman did it'), then check out


    (by the way, to the OP and every agreeing commenter: your understanding of science is very poor.)

  • I love when the jesus people get their panties in a bunch. They get so defensive! Maybe they should just stick their fingers in their ears and go, "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

  • For all you idiots who's talking about evolution is a proven fact you need to do your research before you make a fool of yourself. I'm talking about macroevolution not microevolution. Besides after doing more research on this most archeological findings and new scientific discoveries support the Bible fanatics who support creation. You don't have to be religous just a truth seeking individual. Besides I don't even think my teacher believes in this evolution crap.

  • hahaha oh gosh.. do you belive everything youre told to believe?

  • lol wtf is that supposed to mean? You're an idiot.

  • Evolution is a pile of crap and I hope u all realise that and believe in god, because when this year is over u dnt want to know what's going to happen

  • Evolution is not proved but neither is Creation. There is little doubt hominid species developed out of Africa millions of yrs ago, and as they evolved and migrated around the globe they have left their bones in places. But....midocondrial DNA from both the mother and father was traced from modern humans as well as those from the early hominids. The results have been striking and profound. Fact #1: the early hominids like cromagnon and neanderthal are incompatiable with modern humans (h*** sapien sapien) which means they could not ever interbreed which means they did not evolve from them. Fact #2: the closest hominid to humans that survived the latest was about 40,000 yrs ago and were found in southern France.
    Fact #3: Those non-human creatures in southern France were met by modern humans who likely killed them off.

    Conclusion is that while geoligical and animal evolution and adaptaion is provable and logical, it does not address the human being in that equation. God may very well use evolution in Creation as a means to bring about teh world we know but it seems Humanity is a created being, not an evolutionary one.

  • Evolution is a proven fact. Things evolve to suit their environment. Its been witnessed and scientifically repeated.

    Just because it hasn't been revealed to you personally, and you haven't tried to educate yourself with the facts, can still mean we'll find it in the future. Science has given you your lifestyle today, and for you do just disregard what you don't want due to your blind faith in a book.. just.. awes me. Its astounding how ignorant you sound.

    Listen to your teacher, learn the facts, move on with your education and find out for yourself.

  • OK Mr/Ms. Bible Thumper,

    Why have our life expectancies 'evolved' to 70+ years?

    Why do inter-racial couples produce healthier babies?

    Your interpretation of evolution is pretty simplified. They don't say we evolved from apes-they say that us and apes evolved from a common ancestor. That is what the missing link is.

    Here's scientific evidence that contradicts the bible: burn a bush and see if it stays on fire without affecting the bush. Throw a staff on the ground, like Moses did, and see if it turns to a snake. H***, try walking on water while you're at it!

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