I hate the Jehovah Witness religion

These people do not allow blood transfusions in their religion and they have allowed their children to die rather than allow them to have one. Where I live they have to take the transfusion whether they want to or not.

They are a large cult of people who have the gall to believe their faith is the one and only true religion in the world. They have taken so many liberties with the KJV of the bible that their bible The so-called "New World Translation" only vaguely resembles it.

Not that I give a s*** as I am a dedicated atheist but even though I consider all religion useless the JW'S take being worthless to new heights.

Aug 29, 2016

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  • As a Jehovah's Witness I'm very sorry you feel that way. I'm not baptised into the religion so I don't consider myself deep into the faith but what you just stated seems pretty harsh. Even before studying with this particular religion I refused blood transfusions. It just seems pretty gross to me. As far as the cult and thinking we all "think our religion is the one true religion" accusation....all religions think that way. Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc. My advice to you is be more tolerant and judge people based on their individual behavior and actions rather than what religion they practice. You are no better than a racist.

  • I do judge people that way. When war time rolls around you JW'S pretend nothing's happening. Not only do you not fight for your country you don't contribute anything to the cause either.

  • All religion is dumb plain and simple. Normally facts change opinions just not for u people.

  • Anyone who believes that the yid-kid Jesus came back from the dead needs to see a psychiatrist.

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