Sister Issue

Okay, first off, I'm only in middle school but I'm mentally 20, so hushhh....

I'm having a sister issue. I hope this is just a phase my sister is going through, but she's been really annoying. Annoying as in she runs through the house screaming and she can't control her hyper behavior. I've been trying to deal with it patiently, but unfortunately, I'm not a patient person. So now I've been giving her the silent treatment. The thing is, she'll either come back and pester me despite my attitude towards her, or she'll beg for forgiveness, but I know she really doesn't mean it. And sometimes, I can't handle it and I just snap and tell her to go away, which causes her to start bawling for my mom. She's only a few years younger than me! Even so, I get into big trouble. My dad thinks whenever my sister starts crying like this, it's going to be something like I punched her, which gets him to be very mad at me. But in truth, he doesn't care for us like a loving father. The only time he gets worked up is to punish us, especially me. My mom is no better. She scolds me too, but not as severely. And what's even worse, five minutes after my sister is done crying, she is back to her smiling self like nothing has happened.

Please help me.
-Older sister in distress

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  • It may help to go to your parents and explain how your sister acts around you and see if they can help. The hyper behavior may be ADD or ADHD and maybe your parents need to seek medical help. Remember you're her big sister. And you're saying you're mature, so you need to be the mature and patient one right now. She most likely idolizes you, even though it's not coming off that way. And any attention is good attention for her. So the silent treatment is not effective. It just antagonizes her. It may be best make a deal with her..although she doesn't need to know that. Maybe even before she bugs you, you could say..Hey, do you want to do something? I have some homework..but how about if we play (whatever you want to, read, draw, ride bikes) for one hour and then you'll have to let me study. I know it's annoying now, but you guys will be grown up and living separate lives before you know it and she won't be bugging you anymore...

  • People in positions of authority don't want justice, they just want quiet. Your parents punish you BECAUSE you're the reasonable one, because it's easier to deal with you than your sister. Your sister understands this and plays them like a fiddle. Naturally your parents think they can't be manipulated by a small child but that's just their arrogance talking, anyone can be manipulated once you understand their true motivation.

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