I am dating a guy that live literally across the world from me. He asks me sexual stuff and I always lie or say stupid stuff but never express how much I want to f*** him. I have roughly the same fantasy on a normal basis and even thinking about it makes me soaked.. So its starts out with us just sitting on my bed talking when I kiss him on the cheek, he the grabs my face And kisses me on the lips a few times before moving to my neck and chest. Then he slips his hands up my shirt and lifts my bra off and begins playing with my b****. I then grab his face And kiss him in a similar manner and I pull his shirt off and he does mine. As I unhook my bra and pull it off he undos his pants and pulls them down. He then pulls off my pants. I then sit on his lap making out with him as he begins to get harder. He pushes me on my back as he begins to teasingly bite my panties and play with my c***. He begins eating me out and then begins kissing my stomach moving up to my b**** and chest. We begin kissing again as he slowly begins to finger me and I give him a hand job. He then gets on top and begins to ram his hard d*ck into me as no moan with pleasure.. And when we've both got off we cuddle and make out til we fall asleep..

Sep 28, 2014

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  • Definitely how I'd want it if I had a gf. Except I'd spend a good while sucking her t*** while she's on my lap.

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