What of Western Civilization

My family immigrated to Canada from Italy just months before I was born. So, to be clear, my life wasn’t sunshine and lollipops. We were extremely poor. We often relied on food banks for meals and the church for clothing. This changed for me when I was 18 years old and got a student loan to go to school. My parents are still in a bad place.

After graduating with a PhD from the University of Toronto at 26 years old, I have been working the last 15 years from contract to contract in Canada with the Canadian Government and several universities.

I have never won any competitions mostly because the posting stated preference would be given to visible minorities. Only twice was I booted from a competition because I did not have the experience or sufficient expertise to satisfy the position requirement. I speak English and French fluently, I did everything that was ever expected of me and still less qualified, visible minorities were selected over me.

I grew up being very tolerant and knowing that racism is wrong, however, now that the city in which I live is nearly 50% Chinese with another good 20% Islamic, I am a minority in the city in which I was born and raised. Minority is being used to describe my skin colour, not my culture.

In the last five years I have grown very tired of being treated as a second-class citizen because I am Caucasian. I am not sure of what I am more concerned the fact that we can't have a mature and sincere conversation about the topic of race and the future of western civilization because a) people consider it politically incorrect, b) that this honest and mature conversation will be seen as hate speech instead of intellectual debate, or c) that the world is run by economists who only care about continue population growth be it domestic or imported.

I get that immigrants tend to be poorer and subscribe to lower standards of living than a native person. I experienced this. As I mentioned, my family immigrated to Canada and we were dirt poor. I was picked on and abused drastically because I was often wearing hand-me-downs, ill fitting clothes or clothes riddled with holes. But we integrated into to society and adopted the national culture because we came to Canada and were happy that Canada would have us. My parents struggled to learn English and are still not good at it, but they try and keep on trying.

But it remains that while some Italian habits persist, my parents, aunts and uncles have done their best to adopt the culture and language of their host country. However, I feel that since we are considered "white" this was expected of us while clearly non-Caucasian people are given greater leeway and social programming, which again, is fine to an extent.

I am an Anthropologist and I can’t help but remember how the fall of most civilizations is attributed to lack of a common language and culture begetting the need for a unity. In countries that have adopted “Multiculturalism” like Canada and Great Britain, the risk of subpopulations being unable to communicate with another is exceptionally high. Already, in Toronto, there are entire sections of the city in which I could not communicate at all. These areas seem to be all-Chinese communities.

I used to pride myself in calling myself Canadian, but what does that mean anymore? My love of nature, hockey and beer? The fact that I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving?

I have a Chinese coworker who moved to Canada 23 years ago when she was 4 years old. I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and her reply was solely “My family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving” which I suppose is fine if you base that on the historical significance of Thanksgiving (which I most certainly do not). And I would have been fine with the statement as it was.

Then another coworker said, “That’s pretty much the only Canadian Holiday I do not celebrate, out of principle.” To which my Chinese coworker proceeded to rant that “My family is Canadian and we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. “ Seemingly harmless as well, but on the greater scheme of things, it is nationally destructive if such little aspects of society already cause this friction.

This is the same coworker who gets mad at me when I do not pronounce Chinese last names correctly in the office because I naturally apply English phonetics. I tried to express to her that English phonetics makes it hard for me to pronounce certain words and my deepest apologies for focusin

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  • Yeah people shouldn't be easily offended p******.

  • Why are you posting this on confessionpost ?

    This place is so full of f***** up s*** that your long interesting argument feels out of place.

    Just saying.

  • Yeah talk about a fetish you have that's more common.

  • Dude I didn't understand a word you said but you seem pretty smart, so I agree with whatever you said.

  • Tld;dr

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