I left my ex girlfriend

Some years ago I left my girlfriend. She said I had began to bore her and she wasn't going out with me again until I suggested something she wanted to do.

I suggested a movie, a park, a drive, the zoo. She said nah to each suggestion and when I asked her to suggest something she said no. Well I had run out of suggestions so I didn't call. After a few weeks I decided to break up with her.

We went our separate ways and I heard on the grapevine she was engaged to be married. This didn't bother me a bit. I was dating another girl and if I never saw her again it would be too soon.

Ok she gets married and many years passed. I ran into her and she had gained fourty pounds. She wasn't skinny to began with and her ass was as wide as a washerwomans.

We exchanged pleasantries but I found out a few years later her husband had had a heart attack and had died. I often wondered if she bitched him to death? Oh well I lucked out.

Good riddance fats I couldn't stand your family anyway.

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  • I dumped my ex after she wanted a breast reduction, i found a bigger woman who refuses reductions and i couldn't be happier. -titlover

  • LOL! Love your attitude! I wish I had done that with my first wife: I would have saved myself 11 years of misery and horror. Well done!!!!!

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