Best morning ever with auntie

I'm a 21 year old man and I have a very attractive aunt in her mid 30s , it's kind of an embarrassing tale cause shes my aunt. But none the less I couldn't get over this sexual attraction I have for her. She's about 5'6 brown skin nice weight Beautiful t****** and an ass that is near perfect. I've been attracted to her for years now it's nothing new. I remember as a young man she would dance on me, even once in panties it aroused me being so young I got excited. So years go by and one day I'm staying over asleep in the living room it was an early Monday morning I woke aroused to turn towards the kitchen I see my aunt in a minnie shirt bent over the counter on the phone in her panties, I can say i felt myself grow several more inches that moment seeing her fine brown thighs and her legs she seen the print of my dickand ran to the back ! Best morning j*** off ever

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