First Day Work Troubles

Ok so this has bothered me for a while and i feel like i need to get this secret off my chest, and out from underneath the table.

I am 24, and i got my first job a couple of years ago. However my first day wasnt very normal. I sucked off the manager on my first day, and im not even gay or anything. I just had this feeling of wanting him that i only get with women. The worst thing about it was that we were caught on camera. Luckily for me i was under the table and they didnt know it was me. So they presumed that it must have been the only gay person in the office at the time, and they were both fired that day. I managed to get a promotion because of the firing, but i have always felt bad.

Why did i even want to do it, im not even gay. Could it be because of my 4 older sisters and how they always talk about guys like that.

Thinking back now, it was disgusting what we did, is it normal for straight guys to suck and swallow as much as i had, or even do it at all. I mean, im remember enjoying it quite a bit, is that normal and is this how women feel. Or is it because i was in total control of the manager and how we both felt.

Only me and the boss knows it was me, but he didnt want to get me into trouble as it was my first day, and im not sure if he thought it would happen again, but not get caught next time.

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  • Gosh, that's a really difficult situation, but it seems obvious that (a) your boss cared (and probably still cares) about you deeply, because he never identified you, (b) you give INCREDIBLE head, so much so that he wanted to protect you (and probably get more head from you), and (c) you thoroughly enjoyed giving yourself to another man and accommodating his pleasure. My suggestion, even though it's been two years, is to apologize to your boss from back then, tell him you've been really conflicted about having made love with him, but now you've decided (if this is true, naturally) that it may have been the best s** you've ever had and that you want him back again, repeatedly and (again, if true) permanently. At a minimum, you need to start exploring your sexuality. Apparently you're really really really really good at giving head, and you may discover that gay s** pleases you more than straight s**. That's exactly how it happened for me: I tried it often enough that I realized it was my nature and I could please men far more effectively than I could please women. I went bi for a while (and that may be what you need, as well) before deciding that I needed male-on-male love. So, I left my wife and family, and now I'm full-time male-only gay, f****** as many men as I can get.

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