Grandmother gets revenge on three home invaders

Three young black men ages ranging from 15 to 22 broke into a older white married couples home one night and forced them to give them money and valuables. One of the thugs told the woman that he needed to kill her and her husband to keep them from identifying them.

The 59 year old woman begged for her life and the life of her husband so these scum decided to rape her.

She performed f******* on all three of them but heres what these criminals didn't know.

She did indeed know where one of them lived. She had seen him often while driving home from work.

All three boys e********* into her mouth and she spit the s**** on her blouse.

They left and she called the police who took her blouse and arrested the thug she knew. Before the night was over all three of them had been arrested. All three were convicted by DNA evidence.

The judge threw the book at all three of them and they will not be eligible for parole for thirty years. The sentence being thirty years to life.

I hope they enjoy the b******* because thats the last one they'll be getting from a woman for many years.

Nov 9, 2014

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  • Who cares about the race part of it. Three little dirtbags were removed from society by a fast-thinking granny. That's all that matters.

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