What is a threesome like, especially

What is a threesome like, especially for a married couple? What feelings/thoughts go through one's mind during the s**? Is there any sense during the act that it's wrong, or does the stimulation and excitement of f****** someone else's just too overwhelming?? I'd seriously like to know a woman's perspective....

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  • My wife gives the best handjobs, and her b******* are the best. It's toe curling. I love to watch her do that to other people. We've done it several times. men and women both. I watched a guy f*** her once. If the guy is cool, it really doesn't bother me. As long as my wife enjoys it, it's a turn on.

  • I feel that threesomes can ruin relationships. There are going to be feelings of jealousy, possibly inadequacy, and a whole mess of emotions. 3somes are cool if no one involved is in a relationship, but if 2 people are attached, it is no good!

  • ^ Thats a STD honey. Go get that checked.

    I've been in.. 2.. kinda 3. Kinda 3 because it was just a triple make out session. No clothes came off.

    There are complex issues that arise. First, go into it with rules. Partners should finish with each other is a good one i think. It enforces that it was s** between them, but with some real different action. Also, talk about o******. I loved watching a friend f*** my wife, but I DIDN'T like the idea of him c****** inside. Blast it on her t*** or belly or back, just not inside. I also love double penetration. That is so hot (for me). So.. before the action starts, ask about what rules should everyone think about. Its supposed to be a good time, but can turn sour. Also, its not a contest or conquest. Try to ensure everyone gets their rocks off and know when to end it.

    I'm a visually orientated exibitionist. So watching will have me iron hard and dripping, but exposing is what really flicks my switch. Then the appreciation is what i'll feed off of.

  • I did it once ,my partner brought a guy along with a 14 incer and it was the stupidest thing I ever did. It was 4 years ago and I'm still sore.

  • My wife invited her female manager and her husband over one weekend, we got pretty wasted and experimented a little. It was a turn-on for me to watch them together, and pretty awesome when the 2 girls turned their attention to me. My wife said she felt like she was starring in a p**** movie and it really turned her on. We haven't tried it again since then but she and I have tried some other stuff, it really opened our minds up to experimentation.

  • I did it once, at a drunken pool party, it was pretty fun. Didn't last long, as we were all h**** as h*** anyway. Got to see a little girl-on-girl action too, luckily I'd already nutted a couple of times or that would have made me lose control.

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