I had relations with someone, do not feel guilty

Wife's aunt by marriage lost everything after her husband died. We fixed up a room for her over our garage.
She uses out kitchen and our shower. She has everything else in her room. Cable tv internet and more.
One morning I walked into our bathroom and reached in the shower, thinking it was my wife, no it was her aunt. Things did not feel right so I looked in. She smiled and i said sorry.
few days later I wake up when she gets in our bed. She is shivering and freezing cold. the breker tripped and she lost her heat.
Wife told her to get in her side of the bed when she came in.
I pulled her close and got her warm. I got excited and she got under the covers, took care of me. Not a fair job, but a very good job.
Then after lunch the next day she offered and did that again.
Told me it was there when I wanted. Was somthing she had always enjoyed.
Next week I fixed some breakers in her room, she laid on the bed, said she was cold. I said the bed looked good, she said join me. I stripped down to my shorts and got in.
We had full sexual relations that day. Have enjoyed that several times since.
My wife had everything removed due to cancer. I had not been with her for almost two years. Little hand or other work now and then.
I do not feel guilty and my wife said I seem happy since her aunt arrived. She worried i might not take the new person in our house. At 51 I am pretty set in my ways. But i like this situation

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  • Am sure wife knows you doing he aunt

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