"African-American," "black," or what is your opinion?

Lately, within my community there has been a debate on whether someone should be refered to as "African-American" or "black." Some people see "black" as referring to race -- a socially constructed classification of skin tones -- which is not their intention; they are trying to refer to one's ancestors by saying "African-American." However, others see "African-American" as meaning that an individual lived in Africa at one point in their life and is unfair to people who have always been American citizens. Despite the fact that some would prefer to not use either term, some find it difficult to avoid using them since there has been so much in the media on similar topics. What are your views on this? Do you use both terms, or do you have a problem with one or both of them? My not-so-distant ancestors came from Africa; nonetheless, I am interested in the view points of others on these terms and their usage. Please note that I stated the opinions of others in this article, and I was not trying to be offensive.

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  • You have to go with the majority everybody asked about race on applications they ask your race not if you're human or not.

  • How about lets go with "human"?????

  • But then what will stupid people whine and virtue signal about?

  • As a white American I have never called myself a European American. I don't refer to black Americans as African American. I call them black as many of those who I know call themselves. I don't mind being called white because that's what I am. I am not European American. I do have a problem with terms like gringo or honky but of course I would never a black person the n word.

  • Lovely and sensible response. So of course it's going to be ignored by most people so we can keep being divided amongst ourselves along race lines.

  • My mom and brother get a offended about the word African American because they're not from Africa but then they don't like being called black because they're not a color but we call white people white and they don't get offended. But our ancestors are from Africa and me personally being black I do not mind the word African American but but I think its just a black thing we don't want to be called African but we will definitely claim that we're Indian whether we look like it or not some people are just scared of being "too black"

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