Should I help or let him go?

I have a crush on my best friend - let's start there. For quite a while he had always been there for me, and I tried to do the same for him. It started out with both of us needing help; thus, we decided to do what we could for each other. However, eventually he got into a very bad situation and came to me, but after that situation he hasn't come to me for help or tried to help me with anything. Then he suddenly became quite involved with social media; he would text a random girl constantly - it was never the same girl, though. One day we had an odd conversation in which he said, "Thank you for everything you've done for me… I come to you more than should be allowed." Now he appears to be fine and messes with me a lot when we see each other - he messes with others as well, so I think nothing of it. But I continue to worry about him since he gets himself into bad situations and doesn't realize it until it's too late. Just last month he lead me on (there was a lot of flirting and more that was quite unlike him) and didn't say anything regarding it until I confronted him; he used to always tell me everything, so it really threw me off. Apparently he isn't doing well at all - I found this out a couple of days ago - and he seems reluctant to talk to me about it. Should I try to help him out or let him go?

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  • Help him, do the most u can. Get him to talk to u and make sure he knows u don't mind. He said he comes to u more than should be allowed... Doesn't that imply he thinks he comes to u a lot , too much?
    Anyways, make urself open to him. Let him know u are there for him. But if he doesn't want ur help, it will be hard to help him

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