I'm a junior in highschool and I have a new/young female doctor because my old one retired and it never fails that I always get hard during the t******* exam, guy or girl, young or old.. It really didn't matter it's embarassing but I sort of got used to it well this year because I have a female doctor there needed to be another assistant in the room just my luck I ended up with a good looking woman in her 30s probably. My young hot doctor said
"Well let's get this over with drop your pants" I did hesitatingly because I knew I was gunna get hard to I pulled down my shorts just below my d***
She says: "I'm going to need them lower than that...." And she pulled them down to my ankles now I was hard and she looked at my d*** and looked at her assistant and kind of chuckled and she touched me and made me turn my head and cough and said I was good to go and left and after i got dressed and walked out of the room to leave I heard her telling somebody that "it was so small!! It was like 4 inches!" And was laughing the other person was kindof chuckling also... I'm actually 5 inches erect... Is that a good size? Or is it that small to be laughed off?

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  • It's average

  • Sounds like a dream to me.
    I'm 50 and had maybe 2 physicals in my life and none at school.

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