Oh No!

I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend!!! He's so nice and sweet and he's the only guy that really talks to me a lot! She doesn't even like him or treat him well! She constantly makes fun of him and just dates him so she can have a boyfriend!!! What do I do!!????

Dec 28, 2014

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  • I've been in the exact same relationship. He liked me so much he broke up with my best friend and asked my out a week later. I don't talk to my friend anymore, but she was toxic for me anyway. I've been happily dating the guy for nine months. You have to decide if your friendship with her is more or less important than your possible relationship with him. I hope everything works out

  • If you feel the need to post this and ask..im pretty sure you know youre wrong. dont ruin a friendship and a relationship. just shows youre not that caring, considerate or trustworthy and that youre lonely and desperate. start with talking to some other guys and stay out of their relationship..try being a real friend and a good person.

  • I disagree. Sounds to me like it's the forbidden fruit syndrome. Hes safe since he's not yours. Is a guy really worth ruining a friendship over? Odds are it won't be for life, but a friendship can be.

  • When you and him are alone, talk to him, find out how he really feels about her. get him to open up. If you find he is unhappy with her, go ahead and tell him how you feel.

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