My dream

I'm a 16 year old male and my dream is to be a s** slave for a rich woman she wouldn't let me wear clothes and lock me in a cage all day and make me wear a chastity. I'd be her pet shed show me off to her friends and force me to be their foot rest and they'd sit on my face. She would make me eat out of a bowl like a dog and if she'd f*** another guy she'd make me watch and then clean out her p**** when she's done. I would be unlocked from my chastity once a week. She would always make sure my pubes were shaved.

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  • Exactly the same i were dreaming

  • Exactly same i am dreaming

  • With slave things you have to ask whats the pay out for each person. Why would a woman bother with a male s** slave whats in it for her?

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