We may be getting a divorce after she caught us

I have a wonderful wife and we have been married for nine years now. She does not have the s** drive that I have, and I have a cousin who is in the same situation.
My cousin and I have had s** since we were fourteen. We did not stop when she got married. We kept going two years later when I got married.
Her husband and I are buddies and she has been friends with my wife. So that made it easy for my cousin and I to keep this going.
My wife came home from work Yesterday when my cousin and I were in our motor home. I had no idea she had come home sick. She wondered where I was and why her car was in my shop parking lot.
She opened the motor home door and heard us. She walked in softly and stood at the door watching. When I looked in the mirror I saw her standing there. I did NOT want to turn around, and my cousin as me what was wrong, why i stopped, than said come one i want a big one F--k me hard.
That made a bad situation worse. She threw the coffee maker at us and walked out. I worried she might get a gun and shoot me or us, so I got dressed and in the house pretty quick.
She was in the bathroom with the door open. My cousin went in and talked with her. She told her everything. That was had done this since we were young. that she and her husband had s** issues that made her want s**. But she did not want to damage our marriage.
My wife was very calm for some reason. She talked with me calmly but she is far from happy. She slept in the guest room and ask if i wanted a divorce.
I said no, and now she is wrestling with the idea is she wants to tell my cousins husband or not.
Its pretty tough around here right now. and I fear what will happen if she tells him. He could snap and kill us all, or just leave town and my cousin alone with nothing.
I remember all the s** that she and i have had, Not all of that combined is enough to make up for the fear I have of loosing my wife and my life. Loosing my cousin and her husband as our friends.
Now we must sit through dinner tomorrow night, our usually week night dinner together.
I am a dumbass for sure.

Jan 14, 2015

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  • My female cousin blew me when I was 12 she was 9

  • I understand your feelings. I had a very intense physical relationship with my female first cousin starting when we were preteens and continuing well into our adulthood. Our separate marriages (to other people, of course) slowed it down but didn't end it. It ended because her husband got a new job in a different state and they moved like seven hours away. I always wondered if he found out or figured out about his wife and me, and took the new job without saying anything just to get her away from me, but whatever.....it broke my heart when she left. Our s** lives were always better together than with any other person, and our lives are generally diminished by our absence from each other's lives. I hope your situation doesn't lead to divorce, nor for any further heartache for your wife, but I also hope you are able to maintain the relationship with your cousin, at least on some level and to some degree. I know how rewarding that is, and I can sense how important it is to you personally. That is clearly a form of love -- a very important form of love -- and I hope you never ever lose it. Best wishes.....

  • Learn to spell before trying to convince us of this fable.

  • Suck my ass you heartless b******. How was my spelling for that one.

  • Ohh lord! I will pray for you. I had s** with a cousin once in my brand new house while wife was at work at night. Few days later,I was upstairs talking to my cousin and wife walked up and started yelling,asking why were talking upstairs.There was so much commotion that my cousin and I ended up leaving and going to a motel and having more s**. I left the home few days later and my marriage ended from that moment on,I signed off the house to my ex 3 years later and she lost it years later. My wife never found us having s**,we were looking up something on line(she never wanted my cousin to be in the home anyway).My cousin is now married happily and lives in another state and has many kids.Thanks God my wife and I had no kids.
    I hope your marriage does not end,but this is going to be very nasty and embarrassing before things settle down how ever they do for the two marriages.I hope you take all the responsibility as a man(though it takes two to tangle).No affair is as discreet as we think,we always end up getting caught in such a simple way. Are any of your cousin's kids yours? Best of luck,let us know how dinner went please.

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