I was a s*** when I was younger. Now

I was a s*** when I was younger. Now I'm only a pervert.

When I was 8 or so, my mother warned me that one of our neighbors was a molester. She told me that a molester was someone who wanted little girls the same way as men wanted women, but he couldn't control himself. This had the opposite effect on me than what Mom wanted - I thought the idea of a guy that would do anything just to kiss me sounded cool. So the next day I got up in my prettiest dress and went to his house. I literally made him crawl and call me Princess and lick my shoes. It was a power trip that made me wild, so in return I let him do things to me. In two weeks, I had done everything a girl can do when only one guy is involved, and I enjoyed it. In return, he did everything I told him to, which got pretty degrading but he enjoyed it. We were a couple of sorts for six years until my family moved.

I became obsessed with s** and especially penises. Before my 10th birthday, I figure I had something like fifty one-time screws, two dozen g********, and six serious relationships (usually two at once). Usually they were adults but not always. After I started developing I became interested in guys my own age and branched out into lesbian experiments. I got my first venereal disease when I was 11 (a case of the clap) and my mother went all Christian on me. When I was 14, I got pregnant, got an abortion, and we moved so no one would know about my "shame".

I got pretty jaded about s** early, but I never lost my taste for humiliating and ordering guys around. Having a male crawl at my feet and suck my toes on command is still the most erotic thing I can imagine. I even trained as a dominatrix in college and made some money entertaining at an S&M club. But I couldn't do it professionally because I genuinely loved doing it. I haven't had any relationship that lasted more than three months, and usually have maybe one one-night-stand a month, whether or not I have a guy at the time..

I briefly got married when I was 24 but it didn't last because I wouldn't stop picking up guys. But I still have a daughter. She's 10 now and and asking me about boys. I tell her to be bossy and commanding, and I got her a Norplant so she can have s** if she wants. I even described my own experiences to her. She's started dressing sexy and flirting with older men as a result.

And the odd thing is that I do not feel guilty. About nothing. And I'll keep it up as long as I can.

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  • where do you live i'd like to get to know you

  • i'd like to f*** your daughter in her ass and p**** and suck her nipples off

  • this is f****** crazy!
    you're a crazy ass girl who needs therapy asap. you and your daughter. poor thing doesn't need to be with you.

  • BS.......You are a sick perverted w****!!! Stupid C*** b****!

  • wut

  • This is Bullshit. Probably the fantasy of some pedophile!

  • wow what a liar

  • I smell BS!!!

  • WTF is wrong with you?!? Get your ass to a therapist and I hope if you encourage your daughter into something she does not understand, you will rot in prison forever you f****** pervert.

  • Don't do that to your child. Learn from your experiences, do what you want for yourself but let her grow how she feels comfortable.

  • Don't do that to your child, she may hate you for it. If s** is what you love, I know it is powerful than enjoy it if it truly makes you happy. But please don't hurt your little girl.

  • How old were you when you first did the dog?

  • I really hope this "confession" is the product of an overactive imagination.

  • that's not good. at 10 a. she is too young and b. she thinks shes invincible. if she continues this behavior she is going ot think nothing will ever happen to her and could get a fatal virus; such as HIV. what if she bosses around the wrong older man? things are very different now than 25 years ago. Im not saying there werernt sickos but they are more relevant in our society today. dont do this to your daughter its not fair

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