Discovered She Lives With A Guy

My ex girlfriend and I have two kids.Our relationship has been on and off for the last 4 years. I had the kids this past weekend and she was supposed to get them Sunday at 5pm. She called me at 1pm and said she will pick them up early so I can run some errands;by 4:20pm,she had not left her place 23 miles away.For the second time she said she will jump in the shower and be on her way.

I left my apt and text her to call me when she left her place and she said "k".I did my errand and text her she never answered.I kept driving past where we exchange the kids and text her again,she did not answer.I drove all the way to her apt complex and parked.My one son ran in and knocked and called "mummy" but she could not open. I called her and she did not answer.

I turned my back to look at her car and when I turned back again,here is some guy giving my kids high five.I asked him if I know him and he said yes-that I had talked to him on the phone few weeks back about my kids mom car(she said then it was her mechanic).I asked if he lived there with my kids mom and he said yes.We have been apart since last august and she moved in a couple of months ago am guessing but my heart sunk!

He started walking back with the boys and I called him back and asked him to be nice to them and he assured me he will.We ended up talking for a while and he seemed like a nice guy.

Few minutes after we started talking,my kids mom came out accusing me of sneaking to her apt.I told her how she avoided the kids,my texts and could not even open the door for them.She was p***** and started lingering around us to hear what we were talking about.The guy asked her to excuse us but she kept coming back.

We have a custody case going. Not sure if she had broken her lease and moved in with this guy she barely knows.She has never said that she lives with a guy but I know she refused to disclose her address in court.I may mention this in the hearing to see if he can be included in the social study.I hope he is not a molester!

She talked to me again last night p***** that I drove all the way there.She did not even thank me for saving her gas since she had been b******* about having to pick the kids up from halfway.We used to live 1.6 miles apart safely but she moved 23 miles away, across the street from another city it should be her problem to come halfway am being nice.

I have been sick since I found this out.She has called me here and there about her medical problems today like what happened yesterday is no big deal.I have said nothing to her about it.I cant change what is there.Her new man has some business and is always away(truck driving my kids mom's aunt said) and he told me hes paying for her legal fees.I am not sure why and he has child support to 4 of his own kids he told me.What a mess!

Jun 12, 2012

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