I think there may be something wrong

I think there may be something wrong with me. I have the most irrational mood swings. Sometimes I wake up crying and I often cry in the afternoons. It happens reguarly , I just have bouts of sadness about nothing . Nothing has happened or gone wrong but I just can't stop crying. Sometimes I cry so hard I shake. I'm a 20 year old girl, I go to a great Uni , have a great family and friends so why am I so sad?
Sometimes it gets so bad I scratch my arms just to distract myself I guess. They're red raw and there's b***** on my finger tips but it stops me crying.
I went to the doctor and he said I may have depression, but my mum went mad and said he's an idiot. We're scottish so we don't have depression we have alcoholism. She won't let me take medication but I'm worried on my worse days it'll get too much. I have such obsessive thoughts, I worry about nothing. I can't leave the door unless I've checked it's locked ten times. I keep switching the lights on and off, and everything has to be in order . I have an exact place for eveything and get upset if something isn't in its exact place. Sometimes I keep repeating words , I don't get it but can't stop. I think I may be going slowly mental.

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  • I used to scratch while crying like you do. Try not to do it anymore because the scars look gross and don't go away. See a doctor! You need help. Or at least see a therapist!
    Cheer up. :)

  • How about you focus on things other than yourself more often?

  • Alcoholism , depression and bipolar disorder have the same genetic links and run in the families. You are describing depression and obssessive compulsive disorder. You need medication and therapy. I think if your mother does not understand, someone else should, before it is too late.

  • I'm not sure what the legal age is in Scotland, but here in the US it is 18. You're probably old enough to go on your own to see a therapist. You may need meds to help you through the rough patches of your life. There's alcoholism here also, but that's called self medication and is harmful to you when it becomes a habit. You sound like you have depression and obsessive compulsive disorder and relieve your inner pain by something known here as 'cutting', which is hurting yourself physically to help yourself feel better mentally. Go get some help, hon. To h*** with the stigma.

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