Husband dotes on my friends

I've been married to a guy for a decade. We really have had few problems. However, any time I bring a friend home who is a girl, he seems to dote on her. It is like more than being friendly--it is like he becomes borderline suggestive.

I brought this up to him, but he denies it. He said that he is just being nice.

I've had to think twice about bringing my more attractive friends over to the house, because I swear all he wants to do is work them over.

Other than this, my relationship with my husband is great. I just think I married a guy whose brain is between his legs most of the time. I love him, but he is such a dog.

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  • He certainly wouldn't appreciate you doing the same. Perhaps you should try public with a total stranger when he least expects it. If that doesn't stop him then just know that you're husband is a douche. If he's capable of flirting in your face (and denying it) then he's probably capable of much more (like cheating) when you're not around.

  • Perhaps you could dress a bit sexy for him. A bit of flirting. Some come on tease. Give him a reason to keep his eyes on you.

  • All guys brains are between their legs.

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