Need new job very, very soon

Ive been at my current job (in a restaurant) for over a year now, and i f****** h.a.t.e. it. We're on our third general manager, and she is a superbitch. She ran off so many of my former coworkers. Doesnt know how to talk to people, and she will be your friend one minute and your worst nightmare the next. And my coworkers...where do i start? Bunch of lazy, cliquey, ass-kissing morons. When business is slow they just stand around chatting instead of finding something to do. They love to call my name and ask me to do s*** for them. Like i dont have enough to do. Theres one girl who used to be okay until they made her an asst manager. She has turned into f****** godzilla lately, and i no longer enjoy working with her. There's only one or two people around there i can tolerate. Everybody else can suck it. I miss most of my old coworkers and most of the old asst managers. My good friend (more than a good friend, actually) used to work there. She chased him off. Long story.
Trying desperately to find another job. After 15 months, I've had all i can take. I wake up every morning filled with immense dread...hoping that this isnt the day i finally snap. I hope that never happens. Somebody's fixin to get cussed out, though, if they call my damn name one more time...go get it yourself, lazy m***********! Need to pay my bills, but there has to be a better way...

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  • Here's the sad truth about working at any job in any industry today. There are the pros and cons to any job. Like the things you love (or like more than hate) at one place, you may not find at a new place. And the things you hate at your current place could be a zillion times worse somewhere else or replaced with things you didn't know/think could be worse. It's a gamble. It's sad, no matter how hard you work you are no longer indispensable, there are 500 other people who are desperate for a job and will take yours in heartbeat and put up with tons more crap. There is always something to be said about management and managers. Sadly, not everyone who is a manager knows how to manage. And if you're friends with them, they usually don't know how to separate being friends with their co-workers vs. managing them. them and hate them. Most jobs have you working with others and not everyone has a strong work ethic. There are people who will only do things when they are told to, totally annoying and frustrating. So all you can do is do you. Do your job to the best of your ability. Because at the end of the day its your work ethic and integrity on the line. When you go to another job, you never want to burn bridges no matter how much you hate it. Coworkers- be cordial and don't gossip just do your work. Breaks and lunches are important..take them. Remember to breathe. Keep your resume updated and look out for any and all opportunities. Talk to people and let them know your working..(not at your workplace..of course). Take classes when you can. Maybe you want to manage? bartend? cook? Work up the ranks or something else entirely? Make time for friends and family during your off hours. Because you may not be able to control what your job is like, but you can control what you do in your off hours. So don't let how you feel cross over into our private life. Don't get depressed, discouraged or that another job is out there.

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