Dangeous Illegals

Illegal Immigrants are f****** dangerous. Two Hispanic boys are driving around in a dark blue Honda and are stalking a few people near a library, attempting to abduct them for no reason. One has a white shirt and the other one has a blue shirt. These a******* have no f****** manners. They need to go back to Mexico and stay there.



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  • Pee pee doo doo

  • Hmm. Would this be near the Palm Springs area by any chance? Are these Mexican boys "rude" to the OP?

    If you're going to insist on posting delusions, make it convincing.

  • Looking for young p****

  • As are ordinary Americans. You know they go into schools with guns and shoot kids.

  • I wouldn't say these people are Americans. Nor would I say it's only a problem in America. But thanks for generalizing and showing us you know nothing.

  • By ordinary you mean white folk. Thats false by the way. More mass shootings are committed by blacks but this narrative is troubling for the (((MSM))). Dont get me wrong, I like the Mexican people and their culture, but that is something entirely different than letting in millions of illegals and immigrants

  • Based

  • Based on what?

  • Short for "debased," referring to a concept, object, practice or ideology that has been stripped of its intrinsic significance by association with and absorbption into the mass cultural continuum. Used meta-ironically, given that the word is itself a slang contraction and represents the debasement it seeks to impartially describe.
    "Dude, I think that Nietzsche might be my favourite philosopher."
    "That's based, bro."

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