Pictures or Nah

So there's this guy I've liked for a while and it's not like a normal crush no I just literally find him insanely hot. He's also my friend, so we have that whole thing going on. Lately he's been showing interest in me, and well, I gave in. I don't do relationships, I can't commit, but he wants to have the whole friends with benefits thing. So I agreed, and I sent him a pretty revealing picture of me, and now I'm not sure if this is okay or not. I trust him, but at the same time is what I'm doing wrong or normal?

Mar 25, 2015

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  • No pictures ever. Especially with your face in them. Because at some point, you can't control if he will send the photo on or post it somewhere. And that stuff lives forever on the web. If you are underage, it's considered child p**********. It's just not a good idea. Friends with benefits doesn't always work either.. eventually one of you (if you're a girl) will develop feelings and want more and why commit when he can get "it" for free. So rethink this. You say you can't commit. But maybe you're just scared. Because even with a FWB situation there is still a relationship.

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