Why I am here...

I confess that I no longer can live... Not that I want to end my life right now, but I think I can go mentally blank and continue with my life doing the same things and accepting everything as they come. I no longer have the power to fight back about my rights, or to fight for my dreams or passions... Although I have so many of them...
Everytime I try to live my life independently, the way I want it, things get messed up and it all turns badly on me.
I don't think I can live my story as they say in those self-help self-esteem boosting books and talk shows...
I guess there are human beings who are ought to live a meaningless life.. Just like empty vessels. Colorless. Then die alone without leaving any memories or impressions on others. Without legacies. Or stories told to others. Just a number that increased the population for a period of human's lifespan, a number on records, then this number is no longer existing. And the population drops by one, but at the same secound replaced by another birth somewhere...

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  • This is the problem. We are all treated as stupid with no opinions. To give you an example, any person who expresses an opinion that does not fit in with the official script, the BBC says "that is your opinion"...the implication of this statement is that you are alone and no one else things like you. They are really scared of people who defend their rights or think about things from a point of view which the MSM never shows. Don`t give up, because you are not alone.

  • I feel the same. But.... ?? You got to keep your head up. Woah then you can let your hair down.?? look at everything in a new perspective. Things will get better ??

  • The question marks where emojis but :( they dont show up. This is quite embarrassing so yeah. Don't kill urself and think about killing yourself you seem like a nice person.

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