I want to ravage my 17 year-old step-daughter...

Ok, technically, she isn't my step-daughter; she's my former step-daughter. I was previously married to her mother, but we've been divorced for a number of years now. However, she is my daughter's half-sister, so I still see her quite often. I have never desired a female more in my entire life. I first started to become sexually attracted to her a couple of years ago, when she was fifteen. I repressed these feelings, of course, out of shame and guilt. However, as time passed, I began to embrace the l*** I felt for her. Now it's to the point that it is simply driving me mad. I want nothing more than to run my tongue all over her body, tasting every inch of her.

She is tall and lanky--not an ounce of fat on her nubile body. She has tiny little t******, firm and perfect; and the cutest ass. To say it's petite would be an understatement, but it's there and it makes my mouth water. I anxiously await the day I am able to bury my face in her tight, sweet c***. I long to be inside of her. Nevertheless, I wouldn't dare act on my lustful desires prior to her 18th birthday. But come that day, in the not too distant future, I will have her. If not on her birthday, then shortly thereafter. There is most definitely an unspoken sexual attraction between the two of us--forbidden, taboo. I can't even count the number of times her stare lingered a little too long or how often her touch was infused with a sexual electricity. I will never forget the day, in her mother's living room, she was sitting on the couch directly across from me. There we were, ostensibly watching television, facing one another from across the room. She was wearing the tiniest white shorts--nothing more than a wisp of a garment. I'm almost certain she was wearing no underwear, and I swear I could see her l**** peeking out from beyond the edges of her shorts. I could feel her eyes burning a hole in me as she sat there, her legs splayed shamelessly apart, practically begging me to take a peek. It took every ounce of willpower I could summon to remain focused on the television. Every time I did throw a glance in her direction, I could see that see was ceaselessly staring at me, and on her face was the most wicked of smirks. She wanted me to look at her tasty s***** and she knew that I wanted nothing more than to do just that. Well, one day very soon, I am going to do more than just look.


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  • I'm kinda in the same boat with a few exceptions. Although I've known her since she was 6, I didn't get any urges to make love to her until she was well into her mid 20's. She developed very nicely she's about 36b 24 36. Can't tell you how many times I've rubbed one out thinking of her. She has all of her mothers good qualities and none of her bad ones. There is no doubt, that if I had met the present day her, then, we'd be married.
    Although I've never seen her naked, when her nipples are erect, her nipples poke out like erasers. Such a turn on!

  • Good luck i hope you get to f*** the a*** of her very soon

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