Went gay for money...

I live with my sister, in a upscale artsy area. She is 30 and has a stable extremely well paying career... I myself am a 22 year old male, who works out a majority of the time of is trying to get laid at the local bars, I also am going to trade school to be a welder. Anyways the man who lives next to my sister is a single gay 70 year old man slowly dieing off to lung cancer I am guessing bc he smokes all the time and says he has cancer. He is one of these old guys that stays out and parties with all of the younger people, he sits in his nice little landscaped yard cooking out, drinking, smoking, and doing cocaine a lot, he's wealthy and says he was an investor, and a artist. So everyone on the block hangs out with him as they come and go and get high or drunk and just shoot the s*** with him, he is pretty funny. I never stick around I have better stuff to do. One night I hang out with my sister over there and we all get drunk, he starts bragging about how much money he has and how he has no family so he's just going to blow it all blah blah blah, he stops and points at me and says infront of everyone " I would start by paying stright tight body's like you to sleep with me before I die" and winks... Everyone laughs... Night continues. Two nights later I am there and he says, " how much would it really cost me to f*** you, if I made it comfortable for you and made sure you felt no discomfort" ? I laughed and said a lot. An went on my way. The next night he was hammered and I was drunk myself, he told me to come here inside his screened porch he wanted to show me something, so I did. He pulled out $1,000 dollars and said there is more where this came from. If you wanted to make some money. And again gave me the "he's dieing bit" I did feel a little bad for the guy, but I am stright, and LOVE p****. Plus being f***** in the ass seems like it would hurt, and a dieing guy of cancer? Not really a sexy seen from a p*** lol. I told him I liked him and he was cool and changed the subject. About a week gos by and he try's once more. This time I am drunk, and my truck is broke down and I do need money, plus my sister is insisting I pay more rent and half the bills so she can save. Sooooo I start thinking about it.... How I could make it work. So one morning while working out he comes over to chat, he's talking and yet again asks, and tells me he's dead serious, and how I would be doing him a favor and talking me into it telling me how no one would ever have to know, I told him I wasn't totally aginst it bc I was broke, but I would feel bad taking his money. He told me to think of it as a job. So I asked if he could provide me with s clean bill of health STD/AIDS wise. He said yes, and told me how he can use numbing lube on me and massage me and he knows all these tricks to make it not hurt and to feel good, and I didn't even have to do anything but lay there. I asked how much? He said $,1000... I said $2,000... Without hesitation he laughed and said DEAL! Won't lie I was Facking scared! He texted 3 days later saying he had the clean bill of health I asked for, and to come over at 11pm if I wanted a payday. And to wear my workout clothes. So at 11 I went over, he invited me in, I had never been in his home. It was huge and everything was nice, new, and perfect looking in there, he lead me upstairs, to the master bedroom, it was dark, candles lit, and music playing. He sat down in a chair and told me he wanted me to undress slowly while he got hard. So I very slowly started undressing, he pulled out his cooock and it was massive. I about had a panic attack. I didn't imagine it being that large and vainy. He told me to lay down, he started massaging my butt and hole. He was rubbing lube down my assss and than started slowly fingering me. Soon after he put a condom on and put about a inch in, than a little more, an more till he was all in. I strangly got really turned on, it felt so strange. He slowly went in and out grabbing my c*** or b**** between f**** every now and than, for about 10 mins, than he started moaning and telling me how tight I was and how it was the tightest asss he's ever f***** and than got off. He got a rag and warm water and cleaned the lube off me. Told me I could shower, and my payday was next to the back door on the table, I just got dressed and left, sure enough. $2,000 cash in a envolope. I was suprised at how easy it was. I thought it would hurt. He texted me the next morning telling me how happy I made him and he hopes I didn't regret it bc he would like to continue the deal if I was willing. I had no problem continuing the deal, it didn't hurt, it really ended up feeling good. So we did it again, than the 3rd time things went a bit diffrent. He wanted to f*** me with no condom on and c** in me, I didn't know how I felt about this, I honestly freaked me out, he also wanted me to "help" him get hard... I said I would have to think about it.

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  • Pure fiction.

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