This guy needs to shut the f*ck up

The guy I work with talks about random bullsh*t and can't focus on the task at hand. I wish he'd just shut the f*ck up and stop trying to be some insightful Yoda dipsh*t. I'm typing this while he is talking about Alanis Morissette and her ptsd from Jagged Little Pill. I just want to choke him the f*ck out.

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  • So just come back at him with mindless blather about sports or politics. Insightful people can't stand that $hit, plus you'll get all the dumb boys within hearing range rock-hard.

  • Guy at the sports bar I go to is like that..Mr. F*****' Know It All.. He's hard to take, much less get stuck sitting near. Makes me want to finish my food and beer in the bathroom stall with the door closed just to get away from him. He spouts off about everything from sports to politics to different industries..Even tried to tell a bartender one night, who's also a nurse and mom, about...Breastfeeding.

    He's universally hated ,but, they can't not serve him just because he's an annoying t***.

  • Just wanted to say... your constant stories about "the sports bar I go to" smell like a fantasy obsession, boy. Nobody begins EVERY story with the same exact phrase unless it's bullshit and the commenter has serious mental issues.

    So. In real life, have you ever actually left your mother's basement, or did they use really thick chain when they attached you to the radiator?

  • Yeah Man, I got one of those also. Everybody else is bustin their ass to get s*** done and he's walking around like it's Sunday.

  • The "Jagged Little Pill" is called Humility. Very necessary for spitural surrender. If I were you I'd read Eckhart Tolle's The Power Of Now, but you're probably not ready for that yet.

  • Just tell him to shut up.... or punch him.

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