He CLEARLY showed interest then blatantly denied it!!!

We met each other a few months ago, we work for the same company but in different fields altogether. He flirted with me A LOT. We spoke on the phone and texted everyday after knowing each other for a couple of months. He's not married, no children, not in a relationship, not gay. He admitted that he is very shy though and a bit self-conscious and unsure of himself.

We were days away from our first date (he asked me out a few times before offering to take me to dinner, asking when I'm available, etc but I kind of brushed it off cause I didn't know if he was serious so I didn't give him my number until a few weeks ago) then..... one night during our texts, I texted him about how it was frustrating that when I flirt back with him, he kind of responds with uncertainty as though he is in disbelief that I am flirting back with him. I just started flirting back with him these past several days. He responded the next day (which is unlike him) saying he honestly did not realize that he was flirting with me this entire time we've known each other and that he was sorry for sending mixed signals. Like....What the F*CK! REALLY LIKE WTFFFF!!!! He went completely left all of a sudden.

He was always flirting with me hardcore and doing things for me, literally serenading me, calling me pet names, and he even kissed me on the cheek which would have been my lips if I was in a different position. I helped him with important aspects of his life as well. We prayed together, laughed together, cried together. We were getting very very close. Overall, he said he just wants friendship right now, and I could totally understand that because we both said we like to take things slowly. But to completely deny ever flirting with me or fancying me whatsoever, is utter bullsh*t. BULLSH*T!!! He was always consistent with how he treated me, whether at work or outside of work then, now he was trying to convince me that him flirting with me was just all in my head. We had a huge falling out ending with me severing ties with him completely, I cried and was soooooooo hurt by him denying liking me as more than just a friend when his actions and how he spoke to me showed otherwise.

He said he will always be my friend no matter what, but I told him I didn't need his friendship. The fact that he boldly lied about liking me hurt sooooo much and made me feel so bad. Why do guys do this?

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  • Some individuals have issues, regardless of gender. This person obviously did and does.

    Sorry you was emotionally hurt by him. You appeared to make the right decision, in severing ties. Maybe he'll grow a pair and offer an explanation in the near future, as to why he reacted in that manner towards you. As for now, just move on. Onwards and upwards :-)

  • Thank you so much. Your words are really helpful

  • Your welcome :) x

  • For whatever reason some people are scared to death to be in a relationship. All was fine and would have been fine until it was pointed out that he had been flirting with you. At that point it became real, that was obviously to much for him to handle so he retreated. For many people like him I doubt they realize how hurtful it is to the other person. Whether it was from a horrible relationship that ended badly for them or someone they were truly in love with rejected them and they fear that same rejection again I can't really say. I have been involved with two women who were just like the man you are describing so it goes both ways.

  • Thank you very much for the advice. It really helps a lot.

  • He changed his mind get over it - he's obviously not worth your time - he's a PLAYA

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