Conversations with a German woman

I was born and raised in the American southeast. I was at a pub with a woman who had immigrated from Germany and had opened a hair salon. She had a complaint that I can relate to.

In her travels throughout Europe her German heritage including both world wars are tossed into her face. She was born thirty years after world war two had ended.That doesn't stop people from tossing those wars into her face.

My reply to her was this. Get used to it. The American civil war ended one hundred and fifty years ago and often when I talk to a northerner the civil war is tossed into my face as if I had something to do with it. Sometimes they say things like "we beat you" .

The trouble is the only army I ever served in was the American army. You know the one that has a flag with the stars and stripes on it. I could care less about the civil war, its issues or the outcome.

My father was in the American army as was my grandfather. My two daughters also served a stint in the army.

However if you were born in the southeast you are considered a rebel who lost the way just like the German woman who lost world war two.

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  • Just like how existing while white makes you a racist, not just in the South but everywhere else in America. Good times, yeah?

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