My boyfriend's fantasy

I'm 23yo, my boyfriend is 24yo. He lives with his mother 48yo divorced and impulsive woman.We are dating year and a half. I don't have good relationship with his mom. We often have disagreements and arguments. So he talked to us and said that we must settle the things between us, in a way that he wants. He had had a fantasy watching us fight for a long time, so he used the opportunity to make that real. I was confused, and didn't know what to do, but when his mother said OK, I simply accepted the fight. We were in the living room where my BF made us a space to fight. His mom pushed me and punched me in my stomach. I got really angry, and kicked her face with my foot. She immediately fell on the floor, and I got on top of her. My hands were ready to destroy that b****'s face. I started slapping her, fast and strongly, my boyfriend was very excited. He motivated me to humiliate his mother putting my foot in her mouth. She almost cried, when I laughed at her face

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  • Move on from this mess. Good female friend of mine once put her bf's mom through a sliding glass door, then went after her again on the deck she fell onto. Before the police showed up, the mom managed to crack my friend in the head with a landscaping brick. Whole thing was so wrong.

  • You are stronger, you be smarter and ask her to forgive you. It's really humiliating to do something like that in front of her son, who by the way must be very sick if he asked you to fight. And if you're satisfied with that what you did to his mother, do it to your mom too

  • Mothers are weird.
    My mother made me strip to my bra and knickers infront of my boyfriend and then said that is as far as you go until you are married. I was so so humiliated.

  • If this is real, she must kicked your ass

  • Doubtful......I would destroy anyone that hurt my mother, much less me setting up for my girlfriend to beat up my mom. Strange people on this site.

  • Wow..this is cool

  • So what happened next? more of this story

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