Im not a good gf

Me and my bf have been together since highschool.... he is in love with me but im not in love with him.... he doubts me all the time. Thinks I cheat but I haven't. Ive thought about it but I never want to hurt him... I never see him anymore because im working all the time and going to college and he's in the army.... I miss him and love him as a friend but not more... he wants to get married and im not happy. I dont wanna be with him anymore but every time ive tried to tell him he cries or tries to work things out... I find myself getting annoyed with him easy and feel as if he's stupid because im used to guys that are smarter than me. And im constantly teaching this guy new words or things. For example how to clean a carborator. I just wish he would understand I dont want to hurt him but I also wanna be happy.... if I was a better gf I would be more upfront....

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  • If you don't love him as a potential wife then tell him when he gets back from the service. Don't send him a dear John letter.

  • You are a good gf. You two are young and you're figuring things out. And learning how to be both honest with yourself and your bf. There are definitely times in any relationship when you will be challenged to work harder to fix problems and others you will know when to walk away. You can still be his friend and be his biggest support, but without the gf title. Be upfront and do it now. Cheating would hurt him more than you just being honest and saying the relationship isn't working.

  • I'm in the same situation girl. Im a 24 year old male with a wife that has no common sense. But the plus side for you is your not stuck. YET...don't get sucked up in a relationship that you know is already failing. Plus, for a guy in the army? He sounds like he needs to suck it up and be a man. Don't let him throw the p**** card. Stand up for YOU!!! BE HAPPY!

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