This is Me

I am 15 and a girl. Pretty tall(5'8) and I have dark red hair. I love playing sports and am a Sophomore in high school. I also love reading books and am obsessed with cars. I can't seem to find a guy willing to respect me though. I am a virgin and haven't even been kissed before. I just want a guy that is down to earth and honest. I am tired of guys just looking to get in my pants and would rather have a guy that likes staying up late watching movies cuddling. Going places most people wouldn't dare and having late night real conversations. I am really into loyalty and want a guy who is too. I love country music and don't mind getting dirty. I am open to adventure and trying new things. I love fishing and camping. Dogs and horses are my soft spots.

This is me and you don't have to like me just accept me. Feel free to message me on kik at jamiee_tobbenn.



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  • You sound like a sweet and fun person. I hope you find the guy you are looking for. Most of us guys are nothing but s** driven morons I feel bad for girls that get treated so poorly. I've known a couple that repeatedly went out with complete douchebags even as I was in love with them. I will never understand why they wouldn't even give me a chance. You hang in there don't give in to some b******. You will find someone it may take some time but the way you describe yourself I cannot imagine any reason you wouldn't find the right guy.

  • You're going through the same thing as i do, and I think people like us deserve more than what people out there think we do...

  • Lol, just ask a guy out, its easy (p.s:I'm 15 and I'm a guy)

  • You sound great. Wanna have a go?

  • By not having s** your doing the right thing. In the field of romance you might be a late bloomer. You might not have a relationship with a boy until you graduate. Don't let it bother you. You have plenty of time.

    Good luck.

  • Sweetpea this is the internet - please do not put your information out there for every s**-ring and psycho to find!

    You need to try to find a religious man about your age look into your church - if you don't have one look into some.

    Mormon men have amazingly pure and honest qualities!

  • Jamiee - please hold out for this. Do not let guys pressure you into s** - those guys don't respect you and only looking for pleasure for themselves. Wait for love; you'll be glad you did. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. don't change - signed father of 3 daughters

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