My step brother & I made out

It was my step mom's birthday & she threw a big party. My cousins and sisters said we should steal a bottle and get drunk, so we did and all of us got waisted...but not me or my step brother...He and I were just buzzed. I've had a crush on him for more then 6 years but I didnt do anything about it & I could tell he liked me too we just couldn't do anything with our parent always around. That night... We went in to the bounce house at 10:00 at night just us and the rest of the people who were drinking and I realize that my step brother started to touch me. By that I meant he started to touch my b**** then my ass (it was dark no one could see). We all got very cold so we went inside the house. There, my cousins went in the living room to watch tv, my step brother and I stayed in the room. He continued to touch me, I started to enjoy it, I am still a virgin so when he was close to touching my 'place' I moved his hand & he kept slamming his b**** into my ass. We began to make out, his tongue in my mouth & both of us kissing eachothers neck, it was amazing. Our cousins came in & he left to his room. We have never spoke about it since then, its like it never happened. But we both know it did and sometimes we flirt with eachother a lot. Im sure we both want to continue what happened that night.

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