I miss my ex

Iv been depressed for about a year now. Me and my ex have- or were- dating for about 5 months and she had been fighting depression as well. This was both of our first relationships. Due to parents and other stuff, wh had to keep this a secret. I confessed everything to her, a.d she co fessed everything to me. We supported each other through depression and she is the only one who knows truely who I am. We broke up a few weeks ago because hiding our relationship was too much for her. She then immidiately attempted to spark a relationship with one of my best friends. This has launched me deeper into depression than ever. I blame myself and cut my arm every few days. Death is something i dont allow myself to concider. I worry that may change. What the heck do i do? I love her


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    7 months and I still miss my ex, he made a huge impact on me. I guess that makes me pathetic, but not really. But I am so much better, and when I was in your position I swear to god almighty that I thought I would never see this day. HANG IN THERE. You will love again, there are thousands of women that you could fall in love with and that could fall in love with you on this planet. This life is only level one. Just please be happy and make your time here on Earth count. Push through the damn pain, and it will make you the strongest person, a person that you don't think can exist, and you won't understand until you become this person (which you will).

    Hang in there cutie xoxoxxxxx
    Also, P.S. don't sleep with the ex's best friend like I did. (i guess that makes me like Your Ex, hmm haha). Also don't sleep with a bunch of girls like I did with guys, it made things worst. I am much better off alone, i'm a f****** badass I don't need anyone :)

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    Aw. I feel for you love. You are going through heartbreak, and you're in its worst stage. I'm not telling you she doesn't love you, or that she doesn't want to be with you, or any such thing. I don't know your exact situation, but I do know that you guys were together, she had to have loved you if she was with you(clearly she did). That means there is NO way that she is attempting anything with your friend to intentionally HURT yoU. She is not trying to hurt you, that is not her mission. She may just be trying to fill a void that she has within her self. She is probably just looking for comfort because she is a women, and she is probably weak and lonely, and usually loneliness is something us humans being do not know how to deal with. This doesn't make her an ok person don't get me wrong, it makes her a s***** AND selfish person.

    I had a broken heart a bit ago. My boyfriend broke my heart 7 months ago, he broke up with me, and I was so depressed, sad, lonely, devastated, I wanted to DIE, I did not want to exist without him. YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL LIKE THIS. But I think it's best that you do. Let her leave you and don't go back to her. You will eventually move on. You will survive. You will get stronger. You WILL soon begin to find joy in many things and it will all begin to make sense. Once you push through the pain, things will get better. Very slowly though. The pain will be bad still and still but it will begin to be on your mind a lot less, an lesser, and lesser.

  • One more thing bro.

    Its been 5 years after my breakup now.

    I live for myself today. And for my parents. My younger brother.

    But i still love her for all the good she did to me.

    So respect what you got. And wait everything will turn best. It always does.

  • Bro..!!! The same has happened with me. I cannot explain you in words. But i had about 7 years of relation. I was a father, mother and friend (as told by her). Sometimes i feel she cheated. Sometime i say she could not bear more.

    She broke up and got engaged to some rich dude a few weeks back.

    Just a suggestion.

    You were never born with her. You came alone to this world.
    I never say don't love her.
    Just move on with ur life. Go on a holiday. Roam around with friends.

    Don't disrespect her because for those 5 months she must have everything good for you.

    And i also believe she does not want to see u dying.

    So just go ahead. And always remember you were never born with her. You can do things alone and with someone else too.

    Its just that you have seperate ways now.

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