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22 years later she married him so...I don't know, I guess they don't regret anything, On my 19th birthday 22 years ago I was throwing a party, My parents were in Mexico and we lived on a farm outside a small farming community, I had about 15 people over and we were all drinking and doing our thing, My sister 2 1/2 years younger was also at home with our cousin and one of her best friends.
I had disappeared for a bit with a guy I had been crushing on for a while and we had a small makeout session then returned, My sister, Her friend and our cousin had made an appearance by the pool saying they just wanted to swim, I allowed it and carried on with my night, I knew they just wanted to be part of the whole thing and I was the same at that age so whatever, I was over by our makeshift bar we had set up and one of the guys that I knew quite well made a comment about my sister filling out and I told him to tread lightly because she was only 16, He laughed and said he knew that but then said "Just sayin, Holy s***".
I looked over and my sister (Tiff), Her friend (Amy) and our cousin (Jess)...Not real names but close...were all sitting on the side of the pool in their bikinis, Tiff was like me and had blossomed early but she just didn't stop, Already at 16 she as a DD but the rest was built like a 16 year old girl and the other two were just slim, No b****, Small butts and flat stomachs. The trio was starting to attract some attention and I was off and on checking on them to make sure nothing crazy was going on, Me and Brian had snuck away and came back again and I knew people were sneaking the girls some drinks here and there and I was ok with that.
Things got a bit carried away when a fight broke out and somehow I ended up in the vehicle driving the one guy to the hospital 20 minutes away while this party continued at my house (Genius 19 y/o thinking) by the time I returned everything was out of control, the whole mood had changed and a couple other people had shown up, Music was blasting and people were being kinda crazy jumping in the pool and riding my dads dirtbikes etc. I seen Tiff in the corner talking to some guy I didn't recognize and I could tell where hat conversation was headed as he looked her in the eyes and ran his finger down her cleavage biting his lip, I broke that up and asked Tiff where Jess and Amy were and she didn't know, I found them...Upstairs in Tiff's room, with a guy I knew, Amy had her top off and Jess was kissing Amy while he watched and groped them.
I shut that down as well and gathered up the girls telling them they were done joining our party and to go to Tiff's room and stay there but every time I turned around they were back, Parading around in their bikinis and getting a LOT of attention, I got kind of mad and basically said F it, I got things dialed back down to where I was comfortable slipping away again and this time got slightly carried away, I was gone longer than planned and when I got back...Oh boy. The same dude had convinced Amy and Jess to put on a show which was happening right in the living room and Tiff was nowhere to be found, I walked into the living room to Amy sitting on my guy friends lap, Legs spread and Jess on her knees, Both buck naked and Jess licking Amy, I threw my hands up and walked out of the room, Went upstairs and found Tiff, With the same guy who commented earlier and another guy I knew.
I tried to break that up and Tiff gave me some flack so I basically just said "I guess you will learn from your own mistakes" and slammed the door.
I went back downstairs and Amy and Jess had transitioned to the floor in a full on sixty nine and the guy I had been making out with and just hooked up with 20 minutes earlier was right in there watching, I was so mad and I just grabbed my ex BF and drug him out of the house, Took him out to the garage, There was already another couple in the garage and I said F it, Started going at it and we all ended up together, Afterward I went back inside and s*** was just out of hand, Looking back it was so wrong but honestly when I was 16 I was hooking up with 19-20 year olds so that part was whatever It was the stuff they were doing that had me just shaking my head but I was in (Whatever, Live with your regrets) mode.
The whole party of like 12-14 (Minus the ones upstairs) people that were left were watching Amy and Jess and guys...and girls were just cheering and drinking and laughing and there was some touching going on, I went to Tiff's room and the door wasn't even closed anymore, She was on the bed with 2 guys and 2 were watching and the later rumor was they all took turns but who knows, Back downstairs I went and grabbed a random guy I didn't know and took him out by the pool, We were hooking up and I could see into the house, Guys were joining in and people in the crowd were groping each other and people were hooking up everywhere.
I ended up in my room with that dude and my friend Michelle and never did leave again but the stories were pretty wild, The party was pretty unevenly numbered with more guys than girls and I heard almost every girl there was with multiple guys that night and Tiff, Amy and Jess got passed around a lot, My friend Ash told me it was just random guys and when one was done another would start, They just used them and made them all go down on each other and do stuff, Ash told me that my ex was with all 3 of them at one point or another and pretty much every guy was.
So whatever, End of that story is that it was just a big F'ed up mess but...Fast forward 22 years and after Tiff spent 3 years in the city with her GF, Yes she switched teams, So did Jess for a while, That was an awkward christmas with both of them bringing a GF to christmas but anyway 22 years later Tiff married my ex, They have a kid together and just bought a house so I guess that night didn't make any difference to them.

18 days

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