Caught red handed

My mom and her husband married when I was 16, I never really cared for him too much but whatever, He seems to make her happy, He came as a package deal with a son 3 years older than me and a daughter 2 years younger, I never really knew his son much since he never lived with us but he seems ok, His daughter, My step sister is the biggest nerd ever.
Emma: Short, Skinny, Brunette, Flat chest, No butt, Glasses and a total nerd, She never goes out, Only has a few friends and all she ever does is sit around and read. I do ok with the ladies and I don't think I am too bad looking, I play hockey, Football and lacrosse so I am in good shape and I know for a fact that Emma has always had a bit of a thing for me but she never really caught my attention and in the last 4 years she really hasn't changed much but last weekend I figured what the h***, An opportunity presented itself so I took it.
I was home for a few days and Emma had her 18th birthday party and a few days later we were sitting around talking a bit, I asked what she was planning to do after highschool and she filled me in on all her plans pretty much right from that day until she retired, I never really led her on or anything but I had just gotten out of the shower and had no shirt on, As we talked I could tell she started showing some pokies and that was when I realized she wasn't wearing a bra, I pretended to show interest in what she was saying and made a comment about boys and college, She turned red and said "Oh, I don't know about all that", She tried to convince me that she was planning to concentrate on her schooling and not on boys, I asked if she had a boyfriend and she told me no so I asked if she had ever had one and she turned red saying no.
I was teasing her a bit and then the light clicked that she had never had a boyfriend and knowing her she had probably never lost her V card as they say, I straight out asked her if she was a virgin and she admitted she was so I told her "You can't go to college like that, Everyone will tease you", She told me she wasn't going to tell anyone and if it happened then it happened but she wasn't going to pursue it. I asked if she had ever seen a p**** and she said she had, In videos and I asked if she wanted to see one in real life, She looked at me wide eyed and said "Stop it", I told her it didn't have to be weird but that if she wanted to I would show her, She told me she didn't want to so I left it at that.
The next day me and Emma were home alone and she was sitting at the other end of the couch, I could tell there was some tension and I was going to apologize for the day before when suddenly she said "I do", I said "Huh?", She said "I want to see it" and I started laughing, I told her I had forgotten about that but told her if she wanted to see it I would show her, She was super awkward and so embarrassed that it was pretty funny, I stood up and nodded toward my room, She gathered up her stuff and followed me, We went into my room and I closed the door, I told her to sit on the bed and stood in front of her.
Emma looked up at me and I told her to go ahead and take it out, She told me she didn't want to touch it, Just see it. I didn't want to chase her off so I unbuttoned my shorts and took off my shirt, I told her to go ahead and pull them down, I could feel her hands shaking as she did and when it jumped out she leaned back looking at it, She tilted her head to the side giving it a good long look and I could tell she was scientifically studying it, She finally looked up at me and said "It's bigger than I thought". I am in no way huge but never get any complaints, I looked at her and told her to go ahead and touch it if she wanted, She thought for a minute and grabbed it.
Emma studied my c*** as she lifted it and pulled it from side to side, She started asking me a couple questions and I answered her, A droplet of precum started to form on the tip and she said "Is that?" I told her what the deal was and she ran her thumb across the tip wiping it off which caught me by surprise. I looked down at her and that was the first time I ever thought she looked really cute, I told her to suck it and she just looked at me squinting her eyes, She said "No, I don't think so" so I reached down and lightly pinched one of her little nips poking through her shirt, She tensed up and took a deep breath as I rolled it between my fingers and then cleared her throat and pulled away saying "Someone has done that before" and looked up at me, I laughed and asked if she liked it, She told me she did so i did it again.
When Emma pulled away the second time she looked up at me and looked like she was processing the situation, I told her I could teach her some stuff that might come in useful and she asked if she could trust me, I asked what she meant and she said she wanted to know if she could trust me not to take advantage of the situation or of her, I thought she was asking if I would date her and when I started to explain why that wouldn't work she stopped me and explained that she meant she wanted to decide how far things went and wanted me to put the brakes on if she didn't, Basically she wanted to preset limits and have me be the one to stop if it got carried away, Of course I told her I would.
Emma had about a hundred questions about my c***, About my b**** and just all about the whole thing, I showed her how to properly hold it and stroke it and then she wanted to stop, She left my room and was back minutes later, Before long I had her top off and she showed her tiny little nips, Other than the nipple there really isn't anything there so i showed her how a guy should play with them and she sat there looking down watching with her legs crossed until she clenched her thighs and pushed my hands away breathing heavy and said "Ok, You really can't ever say anything to anyone ever".
We started going at it and I went down on her, She went down on me and did a surprisingly good job, I got her on her back and we 69'd, She is pretty much prefect down there, She smelled and tasted really good, I told her to start shaving it bald and she said she would, I turned around and started working it into her, She told me she had popped her own cherry and was no stranger to the shower head so I didn't need to worry about that. I got it in and we were just going nice and slow, Emma was super tight and she was loving every minute, She started to shake and moan and took her glasses off tossing them on the floor.
After Emma came I started pounding her a bit harder because she was more relaxed and really wet, I was getting close to finishing and she moaned that she was going to get off again so I held out as long as I could, She came a second time and I pulled out and leaned over her, I started shooting my load and she put her hands up below her chin saying "Not my face, Not my face", I was mid load when the door flung open and my mom and her dad burst in. My mom screamed "OH MY F***" and her dad screamed "OH GOD" and looked away as i came on Emma's little nips.
Emma started screaming at her dad and crying, They both left the room and when we got dressed we were led to the kitchen for a long talk about how wrong it was and how they understand about hormones and so on. The whole time I sat there trying not to laugh because Emma still had come on the side of her neck and eventually my mom handed her a paper towel and pointed to her own neck, Emma wiped it off and sat there crying with her little pokies sticking out the whole time.
We were left alone in the house three more times before I left and it took a bit of work but I nailed her all three times.


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  • If you want to write more fiction, try Literotica. My favorite author is Xarth.

  • Fantasy....

  • Poor end to the Soft Erotica Novel Contest' entry.

  • Yep,I felt it was going well until the classic b.s of

    she looked at my c*** (normaly with a cocked head in these stories) and said oh my,its much bigger than I thought.

    He lost me at that sadly

  • I don't believe you.

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