There is no evidence for the existence of a god

If god existed there would be only one religion but instead of that the worlds full of different feuding faiths that seem to hate each others guts.

If some guy in the sky was actually up there he would tell us the proper way to worship him but he doesn't do that.

People have to rely on so called "divinely inspired books" in order to worship their diety.

So why didn't the different religions get the same "divine inspiration"?

I'll tell you why.

There is no god.

Have you ever prayed for something and it didn't happen?

Theres a reason for that.

No one was listening.

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  • I know a scientist who used to be an atheist. his experience as a passenger in an airplane changed him. The pilot had given up, they had circled and almost exhausted the gas and were five minutes from crashing. The landing gear was not responding. All the while, the "religious people" were praying. He noted that Christians were more confident in their prayers to Jesus and overtime, even the other religious folks joined them in calling "Jesus, savior, save us" etc. last three minutes, the gear was out without the crew's manipulation and they landed safely. He began reading the New Testament from that day! He only wanted to know about Jesus. He read it in his phone (copy is online). Yet to attend church and folks do not know about him as a Church person. For years, he had wanted to quit drinking and smoking which had cost him friends and jobs; had even attended therapies. Said he figured that if Jesus could do all the miracles he read about and what happened in the plane that day, he could do that. And did he do it? Yes, he did! For two years he's been free.

  • It seems to me that no one KNOWS whether God exists. Some of us believe he / she/it does and some don't. Likewise people express that belief in many different ways. But the connection between many different expressions and the existence or not of good? Well one does not follow from the other.

    Mind you Im sure that if God exists AND he/she/it wanted us to know more that they would provide that info.

  • You can't see love, you can't see pain, do those exist?? God gave us the freedom of choice, you just happened to choose wrong.

  • F*** you maybe read more than just one book seriously b***** gullable

  • So the existence of multiple operating systems (windows, linux, mac, android) proves computers don't exist.
    Hmm interesting logic.

  • Yes, darn our luck same with different languages means we do not exist.

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