Self adoration through Satanism

I had so many problems with organized religion I had to get away from it. I still have a spiritual side that I didn't want to abandon.

Then I discovered Satanism. In this religion you do not worship or even believe in Satan you worship yourself. Not some god not some demon or angel but yourself. You are your own god.

We use Satan as a role model because we believe in being very proud. Our rituals are self centered l***, revenge and indulgences.

Now I know where and with whom I belong. I'll live forever and never leave the party.

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  • No, that's LaVeyan Satanism, not the real thing. I'm a theistic Satanist -- he is real! He warms my heart every time I pray to him.

  • This ^

  • You haven't discovered Satanism, you've discovered Narcissism.

  • You aren't practicing Satanism: you're practicing youism. You haven't discovered the joys of free agency or discovered that there is no God: you've just succumbed -- rather weakly, I must say -- to Satan's canard that nothing we do or believe here on Earth makes any difference whatsoever. He wants us to think that way so that we'll fall for the proposition that our actions (and inactions) have no consequences. I truly hope you eventually find that God's answers to all the questions are the right answers, and that Satan simply wants to tighten the snare he now holds around your life. Satan's way leads to disaster and distance from God.

  • Heres the difference between my bullshit and other peoples bullshit. Other religions rely on faith as evidence of the existence of their dietys, Since I worship myself using the concept of Satan I can obviously prove I exist. Satanists don't believe Satan exists but the concept of Satanic pride does.

    When I die what will live on will be my legacy when my material possessions and writings will be passed on. Death to a Satanist is annilation as you are no longer conscience but gone forever but if you achieve something while your here on earth you will live on in a way until you are finally forgotten like most dead human beings.

  • Congratulations, what you know about Satanism and the occult is about on par with what 99% of people know. Show me scientific proof your bullshit is better than other people's bullshit.

  • They didnt call the ipad and iphone for nothing it was in tribute to satan, satan loves all sinners

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