MY Paid Taxes For YOUR Welfare Crumb Snatchers !!!

I'm sick and tired of paying taxes out of my check for all the married to the Uncle Sam hoes, that parks 2-3 baskets of groceries at the check out line while still in your pajamas after 12pm on a Tuesday. As your kids all 6 of them under the age of 8 are running around like animals, dirty and screaming around my basket as I patiently wait for you to tell them to stop. I feel like punching you in the face as you pull out your food stamp card to pay for your food/snacks then loading it mounting high in your up to date model car that you got for your selling kids around income tax time, for a cut of somebody's refund check. I'm tired of you hoes selling your food stamps for cash by giving ppl your PIN numbers cause the government gives you more than you need or eat monthly. I wish the government would drug test you hoes either by blood or hair samples monthly. Birth control should be permanent, I wish they would clip and burn your tubes after 3-4 kids period if your not married and are asking for our tax payers help. Besides the food stamps,and driving around in nice cars and wearing expensive clothes you also living in goverment housing, which rent is cheap if there is any to pay at all. Then you get help paying your f****** light bill and medical too. Shoot sound like I'm doing s*** backwards by getting an education, getting married,and being a tax paying citizen. Shout out to Michael Kors since all of us taxpayers are buying welfare hoes very expensive purses.You've seen them at your local grocery stores....yeah me too!


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  • I chose to not have kids. If I had ever needed government help, I'd be S.O.L. because of that.

    Even though I don't have kids, I still have to pay for them in taxes, and I still have to put up with their noise and mess and rudeness everywhere I go, even in my own home. Packs of untrained kids never "play" outside at anything quieter than jet-engine screaming, and they do it for HOURS.

    When I rented, I had to pay extra every single month because I had a dog. My dog is better trained, cleaner, and quieter than the kids I had to listen to every afternoon, and he never once vandalized the complex the way they did. But ok.

    But I'M the one society (and entitled mommies everywhere) seem to think is the "selfish" and "immature" one.

    And that's why I laugh openly instead of giving money or even half a damn whenever some breeder has their hand out, which is ALL. THE. TIME.

  • This is part of the blown billions dummy. I wear a patch on vest that says "I'm a Republican, someone has to pay for all this s***". Mandatory drug tests should be a requirement, 30 days to clean up and only one chance at it. If you fall again...... F*** YOU AND YOU KIDS.

  • This is one area where I have to hold my nose and agree with republitards. Don't think for a second that most of the dirty uneducated breeders you hate so much are automatically liberal. There is plenty of easily-available online documentation that shows red states are in worse shape than blue ones. Righties are experts at calling other people names for doing the exact same things they do themselves, but hide it better. Cowards!

  • Amen, these people get 250.00. /nth per kid for food stamps; so if they have 4 kids they get $1,000 a month alone in food stamps, and sooo many of them sell most of the food stamps for drugs and the kids are bone skinny or fat from eating Celeste pizzas.

    It is very frustrating to see someone with a foodstamp card but shrimp & lobsters when you work all week and can barely afford the chicken on sale!

    Just remember, your still better off. Their kids are going to age, and after so long they will not receive all the extra money; then what will they have?
    It won't be a resume, 401k, or a pension!

    S**** that - they'll be eatting bologna while we're going out for lunch and a movie, and travelling when we retire, not to mention, our own homes, with our own driveways, and peace and quiet.

    Have you ever been through a project (housing)?
    I assure you, they are dangerous, NEVER quiet, and not worth any discount you may receive on rent. AND THEY SMELL!!!!!!!!!!

    I know it looks like they make out, but trust me, they are just setting themselves up for future failure if they choose to continue living like that!

  • What about the gvt that blows millions at a time??

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