Ripped my bikini top off

I was sunbathing in my garden the other day in a reasonably decent bikini. I am 42 with a nice figure and quite large b******. All of a sudden my next door neighbour popped his head above the fence and we started talking. Although this guy is about 20 years older than me I really fancy him something rotten, he cycles a lot so has a great figure even for a man half his age. My husband was at work so I asked him if he fancied popping round and I could fix us a nice cold drink. Quick as a flash he was standing next to me, he had just returned from a cycle ride and just had a shower so he smelt lovely.
I joked with him and said if he had waited another 10 minutes to pop his head over the fence I would have been topless - which actually was a little lie. He said not to worry and quick as you like reached forward and pulled the tie on my bikini top and before I knew what was happening my ample b**** were swinging from side to side completely uncovered.
I decided not to say anything and so to all outside observers, thankfully there were none, we both appeared very calm and cool. Underneath, though I was in a real state I desperately wanted to take my bikini bottom off as well and display my shaved p**** but I decided that would not be wise. I was fighting this compulsion right until he left. Once he had gone I went upstairs masturbated for hours until urge I felt for this guy had dissipated a bit.
I am frightened my husband will find out and I am equally frightened that my neighbour will not get to shower me in his c**. What do I do?

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  • Is neighbor married? Your cheating on both of them loser. Get a divorce; hope he finds out.

  • My hot older sister, a teacher, has a young guy next door neighbor who tends to show up whenever she's tanning on the deck in her black, thong bikini. I've been there a few times when he's come over, and can say..He eyes her up like fresh meat. She's nice, let's him get away with comments, cell pics, etc, and during one of my visits, she was on the deck, in the same black thong bikini, and he showed up.

    They're chatting, he's eyeing her up, and she stood up from the lounge chair to go inside for a towel. With me sitting right there, he reached forward and tore her top off! Said it was "too tempting", and didn't think she'd mind. To her credit, she left the top on the deck where he tossed it, and headed for the house, topless. Came out and spent about another half-hour with us, topless, making jokes about her "ta'ta's", "girls", and, "banging b****".

    At the last bbq she had a few weeks ago, she wore shorts and the bikini top. Sure enough, in her kitchen, just the three of us (briefly), he tore it off her again.. I loved watching it.

  • Give it a few days and see how you feel, just don't rush into anything. If you want to carry on and have your neighbour shower you in c** and other lovely things then you're going to have to do one of the following:
    (i) Tell your husband and hope that he is broad minded enough to see you popping back home with your face covered in j***,
    (ii) Tell your husband and hope that he is bisexual and he will also enjoy getting a load dumped on his face by the aging Lothario next door, or
    (iii) Just tell yourself that all will be OK and that nobody will find out and just get on with it.

    The option favoured by most people is (iii) of course.

    Remember if you do any one of (i) - (iii) above then wear lots of mascara because there is nothing sexier than a woman's mascara running down her face because of the hot j*** someone has just showered her face with. Believe me nothing is sexier, it makes me go all funny just thinking about it.

    There is though a well known saying on this side of the pond which goes something like this: "Do not s*** on your own doorstep'. I learnt this the hard way when one evening a woman a few doors down asked me if I could pop in and sort her PC out. Unfortunately when I got back my missus had been watching some sexy film on the TV and had got very h****. Willing to oblige I put my hands up her skirt, pulled off her panties and started to lick her lovely p**** and lovely a***. By then I had a huge a b**** so I dropped my trousers and pants down, to show my missus what a huge b**** I had. Unfortunately this lovely romantic moment was lost when she noticed that I had lipstick all over my very erect manhood.

    We did patch this up eventually but if any of our female neighbours asks me to help them fix their computers my missus always accompanies me. And NO this has not led to any glorious threesomes.

  • Just this morning my husband was out and I popped round to my neighbour, I was getting excited just being close to him. He asked me if I was gonna do some sunbathing and I said I would. Great he said and he went upstairs and came back holding a couple of pair of trunks. With that he takes his clothes off and then stands there naked and asks me which pair should he put on, btw he had a huge erection. By this time I could not resist any longer and I said none, don't put any on. I went down on my knees in front of him and started to blow him, it didn't take long before he was moaning and moving his groin back and forth. I just kept on until he came in my mouth, I stood up and opened my mouth so he could see his load there, he grabbed me and stated to kiss me. We shared his c**.
    We kept making love for at least another 2 hours and he came again and by then I'd had a few o****** myself. He is the best rimmer I have ever known and he said I was good at that discipline too.
    After we finished we sat just kissing and cuddling and licking up any bits of c** we had not noticed before. I looked into my drive and I could see that my husband was back. Quick as a flash I asked for a couple of onions or something similar, he did have some onions. I took these back home and managed to convince my husband that was where I had been.
    Tomorrow when my husband is back at work I will be round there again but I will go via the back gardens so the neighbours cannot see, we have a forest at the back of us but no prying neighbours.
    Can't wait.

  • I have been round a few times this week for more of the same, I can't keep away. Why doesn't my husband want s** like this every day? Although I suppose in fairness he did when we first met which is ironic because then it was me who was saying no.

  • We have been found out and in the most embarrassing fashion. We were over a local park and were behind some bushes and I was sucking his c***, I just cannot get enough of his lovely c*** in my mouth. Anyway, I digress, all of a sudden I feel him go all stiff - all of him not just his todger. I sat up and looked to where he was looking and there was his wife and a couple of other women who live on our street peering in to bushes at us, all with their jaws totally dropped. Unfortunately at this time his bollocks decide that they want to shoot a load and they do so and his gorgeous c** shoots all over my face and t***. All I can think to do is wave at his wife and ask if she is OK and a few other pieces of inane drivel! There was obviously an elephant in the room and I thought I had to say something but just couldn't think of any sensible. He just looked as if he been turned into a statue saying nothing and old Mrs Smith at No. 22 couldn't take her eyes off the c** dribbling down my t***, I could swear she was licking her lips. Needles to say his b**** didn't stay stiff like a statue.

  • Lies

  • What are you the guy who lives next door to her? Give us the true story then muppet.

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