There is only one higher being

So sick of all the different religions. I've given up on all of it. I refuse to go to church again. Religious people are the worst there is. I just pray to the higher being, meditate, and read the holy bible and the Koran. I don't have a religion, I just work on building a relationship with the higher being in trying to better myself as a person. Not giving my hard earned funds to any church, while the paster riding around in 2015 luxury cars and there members struggle to maintain the basic necessities of life.

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  • Why do you have to pray to anything. You have no idea whether there is none one or many gods soo how about using ur brain and shutting up about it until you have real tangible evidence

  • It all depends on who you get. I go to church and wear a cross but many of my friends,family are from diffrent religions and we all like to talk about our diffrent views. Its really fun as it is light hearted and no one gets offended. I think what you are doing is a great idea but maybe you should give the church another try. You dont even have to give money, just attend and reflect. :)

  • I am a scientist and I used to be an atheist. My experience as a passenger in an airplane changed me. The pilot had given up, we had circled and almost exhausted the gas and we were five minutes to crashing. The landing gear was not responding. All the while, the "religious people" were praying. I noted that Christians were more confident in their prayers to Jesus and overtime, even the other religious folks joined them in calling "Jesus, savior, save us" etc. last five minutes, the gear was out without the crew's manipulation and we landed safely. I began reading the New Testament from that day! I only wanted to know about Jesus. I read it in my phone (copy online). I do not attend church and folks do not know about me as a Church person. For years, I had wanted to quit drinking and smoking which had cost me friends and jobs; I even attended therapies. I figured that if Jesus could do all the miracles I read about and what happened in the plane that day, he could do that. And did he do it? Yes, he did! For two years I've been free.

  • This is a work of fiction. If it were not, you would be able to provide the details of the particular airplane incident reported in multiple sources and we would be able to verify it. No year, no airline, no destination, no flight number, no truth !

  • In some African countries, the preachers are in private jets.

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