No one told me the while truth

I had 2 doctors tell me I can't have chrildren due to cancer treatments and I was totally ok with that! I never wanted kids in the first place (just because I have a v***** doesn't mean I should have had a kid!) so when I found out I was prego I cried and cried! Biggest mistake is my mom was there and she's super religious so abortion/adoption was out. But it gets better for me.... If someone would have told me your good health will vanish. You will be diagnosed with RA vasculitist RA migraines insomnia depression anxiety and the vital organs of mine being shut down by the RA if you have a child I would have gone straight to the p*** deck and yelled ABORT! ABORT! I regret this f****** life I have EVERY-f******-DAY! Your kids annoy you? Mine destroyed my overall health, my chances at finding inner peace and healing and having a pain free life. No one tells you the true reality of having a kid. And because I have a vigina I'm suppose to have a baby and if I don't want one I can never have s** cause abortion is bad. Right? I feel every human has the right to s** but not everyone is meant to have a baby cause this... This right here is f****** bullshit! Talk all the s*** you want on me don't worry I feel bad for my kid too so bad that I have to go cook for it now.

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  • What is this bettyboo doing the do? on the trampolines betty lileggbeaters

    Yeh I want you to have guilty thoughts meghan exposed dominatrix destroyed, I am sick of you imposing your bullying and abuse sanctions on me getting your nigs to tell me I have to do penance. how about you do some hard penance s*** w****. spoilt bullying ugly t***. get fat all of ya. well ya all learn truth being bashed and hurting cuz i can't save ya from yourselves. go fat up s***.

  • I totally agree with you - it is your right, your body. Nobody in their right sympathetic mind would want you to suffer, right? I'm sorry for your outcome. Good on you to warn other people not to just accept dogma.

  • Get an abortion and tell your mom you miscarried.

  • "Go cook for it now". Wtf!

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and do your job!

    If you don't want to parent this child you can give the child up for adoption, this isn't the 50s'.

    Or maybe you could sue the doctors who misinformed you.

    From now forward though if you are going to have s** use birth control.

    Don't deny this child a decent life please

  • I'm so sorry you became a mother even though you didn't want to. I share your sentiment and have two kids. I had them for my husband who changed his mind from not wanting them to wanting them. I'm lucky they're wonderful kids but one of them is autistic. Which means I'll have to look after him for the rest of my life. I guess I have to count my blessings because he's mellow and always happy, unlike some of the autistic kids I've heard. But I still wish I had my childless lifestyle back. I've found recently that taking a vacation without the kids helps me gain perspective and less resentful. I hope you'll be able to do that so you can take a break from what is a very stressful situation. Again, I'm sorry and understand your dilemma.

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