Does my mother in law want me?

My mother in law is so sexy. Everything she does turns me. Not only is she physically attractive she does other things that turn me on to. Normal things a woman should do like cook and clean that my girl doesn't do too much. Me and my girlfriend are just dating and have a newborn together. We also rent from her mom so I see her everyday. One day she was going to her sons game and her son told her her shirt was too small and asked me how she looked. I told her "alright" but that just didn't feel right. I've never made a move on her before. I txt her and said "you look good" she replied "thank you it's always nice getting compliments" I said "no problem. To be honest you always look good. I just had to tell you at least one time" she laughed and said something like thank you. Ever since then I feel like she always tries to look her best around me but she's the nicest person I've ever met so I don't think she's do something like that to her daughter but I can't stop thinking about her. She's 42 and I'm 23. What should I do? Does she want me? Is she purposely looking good for me?

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  • 50/50 unless you are from West Virginia, then I will say she wants you! lol

  • F*** her

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