I had s** with my little sister-in-law.

My wife is the oldest of three daughters. The girls have GREAT genes. Naturally, I find my two little sister-in-laws extremely attractive, just like every other straight guy in the world. The second oldest sister lived with us for a couple years while we were dating, engaged, and during our first year we were married. In our early 20's, we had some fun and wild nights. On more than one occasion we saw each other naked and neither of us seemed to mind it; it seemed quite the opposite, actually, but nothing more happened between us.

My youngest sister-in-law and I have always been relatively close. We've had several bonding moments in a non-sexual way. She is extremely hot (like her two older sisters), brunette, 5'5", 110lbs, D cups. Anyways, I've done well in my young career, so I chose to pay for her schooling instead of seeing her accrue a large amount of debt to pay off after graduation.

After her first semester at school, she wanted to visit us for almost a week. The first night, we all went out since she's now 21. The girls got pretty tipsy, even though my wife and I had to work the next day. Fortunately, I own my own business and I didn't have to go into the office early. While I was downstairs making coffee, my little sister-in-law came downstairs to the kitchen wearing just a shirt and her panties. Having an 8" d*** and only wearing my boxer briefs, it quickly became evident that I admired her attire. I acted like I wasn't aware of her below-the-waste gaze and turned towards the island to try to make my bulge less noticeable.

After our casual greeting, I sipped my coffee while still staring at my refrigerator, and she asked me what I was thinking about. Not knowing how to respond, I said something along the lines of "pondering whether or not it's awkward that I'm standing in front of her wearing just my boxer-briefs". She giggled and said that it wasn't weird at all, because her other two sisters have both seen me naked. I was shocked when she told me how she knew about her second oldest sister and I skinny dipping at a party at our house, and I was even more surprised when she said that she also heard that I have a big d***. I chuckled and she said, "so you have nothing to be awkward about." The situation below my waist was becoming more and more obvious, but she walks right up to me and hugs me from the side and says, "thank you so much for paying for school. I haven't had a chance to thank you in person yet." With teary eyes, she proceeds to say, "give my a real hug, I love you." Thinking non-sexually about the situation, I wanted to hug her back, but trying to do the least-awkward thing, I babbled an apology and admitted that it might not be the best time for me to hug her back. She grabbed my ass and responds with, "oh come on, now is as good as a time as ever." I immediately turn towards her and gave her a highly intimate hug back. She quietly gasped but refused to let go until about 10 seconds had passed.

When the longest 10 seconds of my life finally ended, she got on her tippy toes and kissed me on the cheek. I reluctantly turned and said that I better head up to take a shower and she told me to wait and then asked if I wanted some company in the shower... to help me with my situation (pointing down and raging hard-on).

Already being h**** as h***, I immediately responded with, "ya, just to make sure that the problem gets handled correctly." She smiled seductively and took my hand and ran up the stairs while I enjoyed watching that perfect ass the entire way.

I started the shower as she immediately stripped naked. I stood there in admiration of the most perfect body that I've probably ever seen, then I proceeded to take my one article of clothing off. She was surprised at the sight of my big d*** and said something about how much she's thought about wanting me for years. I told her that I felt the same way as she kneeled down and took me into her mouth.

We eventually got in the shower and f***** for about 15 minutes before I blew my load inside of her. We ended up f****** three times that day, and every morning until she left. Not sure if it will ever happen again, but that was the best. week. of. my. life...

Sep 19, 2015

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  • My panties are SOAKED after reading this... so hot reading about that massive d***...

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