I bullied a guy

I do regret this and I know I’d get hate for this but this is a confession website, so I’m just admitting something bad I’ve done. Back when I was 16 I was in a relationship with some girl, she was really popular and hot. One day she told me some guy had told her that he likes her, it was some skinny unpopular nerdy guy. Obviously she told him she didn’t feel the same, but came to me about it. I was angry, everyone knew I was dating her so to hit on her was disrespecting me. The next day I went up to him at his bus stop when he was waiting for the school bus, and f***** him up in front of the other students. I didn’t beat him for too long, but gave him a black eye and he bled from his mouth, I broke his glasses but the worst thing I did was make him kiss my shoe in front of everyone. People recorded it and he became a laughing stock. From then on I picked on him every day for like a year, not beating him up but doing stuff like putting gum in his hair, ripping up his schoolwork, making him do a f*** ton of my homework, kicking him in the back during class. Even when me and the girl broke up I kept doing it, I guess for me I made him a living example of why not to f*** with me, and nobody ever did. Still, looking back I shouldn’t have done it. That guys probably gonna live with that for the rest of his life, all because he tried to build up the courage to ask his crush out. I would tell him I’m sorry but I doubt he would wanna ever hear from me again

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  • You need your ass beat!! Would it be funny if the guy later on in life beats your ass!!

  • Obviously you have no regret you just want to show what a j****** you were and you are. No wonder that girl left you for her own good. You will pay some day I wish your child will bear the same embarrasment from some one like you and he/she will commit suicide then you will realize the comcept of Karma hitting your ass

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