Who is at fault??!

Well, I have a story to tell you guys.
I have a girlfriend and we have been together for quite some time. Our anniversary just passed few days ago, I have spent hours prepared a small gift for her and I’m glad that she likes it. Other than that, I have promised to treat her a nice meal. Unfortunately, she got sick and her parents are busy working. So I have decided to drive to her house (45 minutes away) to bring her for lunch.
After she recovered, I brought her to have some nice food. On that day (Monday), she told me she wants to eat sandwich. So, I said okay I will bring her tomorrow. On the same day, we were discussing how we are going to eat sandwich tomorrow. She suggested that we should drive to same place and leave one car there. I said alright, and I jokingly said we drive to the same place but you will bring us there. Well, things didn’t went well. She said she is very sick of driving. So I told her okayyy ._. I will be driving tmr then. Well, deep down in my heart I was abit upset as I drove all the way to her house and I didn’t complain at all! And I knew if we continue talking in such a tense atmosphere we will end up fighting. So, I have decided to tell her ‘hey im sleepy, im going to bed first’. Somehow she knows that I’m upset and asked why am I reacting in such way? She said I’m making things worse and even said I’m fighting over a small issue. In fact, I didn’t try to fight back and I want to avoid fight… Well, I personally hate people accusing me so I got really p***** and said f*** it and went to sleep.
On Tuesday morning, I woke up and asked do you still want to go out? I have been asking the same question for 2 hours and the answer I got was ‘up to you’. So I said k fine bye. Few minutes later, she messages me and said let’s go as she doesn’t want things to be awkward. So I quickly went to take my shower. Well that day ended up okay, kinda happy and no awkwardness. Before we left, she told me she was kinda sleepy so I told her to drive safe. On my way home, I whatsapped and called a few times to make sure she didn’t fell asleep. Many hours have passed and she didn’t reply me at all. I got worried and ended up asking her mum is she home? Thank god! Her mum told me she was sleeping and I felt sooooo relieved.
Next day, I have waited until afternoon and still no reply from her. So, I got suspicious and asked her are you angry at me? Still no response… in the evening, I checked my phone and her last seen was just few minutes ago, which means she saw my messages and doesn’t wanna reply me at all. Well I got really p***** and block her from whatsapp and didn’t bother to call her anymore…
On Thursday afternoon, she finally messages me and told me we are done here then removed me from facebook. In the message, she said I didn’t even bother to ask her what went wrong… Well… I was like come on man, I asked ‘are you angry at me’ and you didn’t bother to reply… and now you are saying I didn’t bother? Seriously? So everything on Tuesday was just acting…
Come on people, I hope you guys can give me some advice and judge who is at fault here…

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  • Sounds like you have bend over backwards for your g/f and your g/f is stuck up and you have to walk on egg shell and even that she gets upset .

    my advice let her go she is to pampered and I bet if it was her that tried calling you and u didn't respond , she would of flipped out .

    Go find a g/f who will be grateful to you , you sound like a nice caring guy
    we need more guys like u !

  • I think things will start going much smoother for both of you once you both turn fifteen . . . four years from now.

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