The Cartel

The cartel will kill my baby's father and his family if they dont pay $65,000 in three weeks. They've already killed his father, nephew, and brother in law. They have burned down his sisters house, hacked their bank accounts, and harassed them endlessly. He can't go to the police because they're under the cartels thumb. They all live in Guatemala but he says they are in California too. I might become a target next. It seems unbelievable and outrageous but it's real. I don't know what to do and I'm so scared for them and my own family.

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  • Are we supposed to cry and bleed from our hearts extra-hard because you have a baby? Not going to happen. You knew the nature of your baby daddy's connections before you bred. Go beg and plead and wave your anchor baby around somewhere else.

  • You and your family are under threat from a drug cartel, and your responsive action -- the urge that comes to mind -- is to post on a pitiful, weak confession site? And to ask for suggestions from this bunch of boneheads? Yeah. Sure. Right.

  • Get a gun. Learn how to be proficient with it. Move no contacts. I dont have facebook. Twitter. Etc. im a ghost online.

  • Ask Jesus for help.

  • Where was Jesus before this situation went critical for the OP? Stuff your religiot fairy tales where your pastor tells you not to touch, but freely does exactly that to his altar boys. Dumbass.

  • Also you need new phones, no contact with anyone from past for a long while NO FACEBOOK

  • Move to a remote location mid America or Canada

  • Run Forest Run

  • Funny

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