A different outcome

I was once crazy over a girl. She broke up with me and took me off all social media. She made a new Twitter. And it popped up to follow cause she followed a few people I knew. Well by this time she had a new boyfriend as she showed on her instagram, but on her twitter it was a different story. 4-5 months in her new relationship with her new boyfriend, she would talk and flirt with guy all on Twitter talking about going to the movies. Yeah might be innocent, but even with me she DM'ed guys saying to give them head....she was/is a snake. Even with her new boyfriend, she had a meetme profile and was planning to go to a Dodgers game with some other guy. I wanted to tell her boyfriend so bad. Instead I poster a meme like "Your girlfriend is all in love with you on instagram, but on Twitter she's planning to meet up with other guy's, but that's none of my business". Right after that she stopped using Twitter for good, stopped using tumblr and meetme. Now her and her boyfriend live in an apartment and been together for over a year......I just wonder if I did expose her what that outcome would have been.

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  • It would have been really explosive and awesome

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